Allow me to see my Invasion team even with 0 sigils

The Invasion menu UI seems to involve two checks for how many sigils a player has. In the “Fight” tab, while I have remaining sigils, clicking the current stage takes me to the usual pre-battle screen.

Note that the “To Battle!” button already has the sigil symbol on it, suggesting that it checks to see whether a player has a sigil before allowing them to start the match.

If, on the other hand, I don’t have a sigil, I can’t even get to the pre-battle screen:

This is frequently frustrating. A guild member asked me to suggest a team a few hours ago, and I could not access my current team because I had no sigils left for Friday. Unlike Guild Wars, which uses my regular team list, Invasion is a special team slot only for that event, and cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Please change the UI so that it checks for sigils when I click the “To Battle!” button, but not before.

Edit to add: I assume that this issue occurs in other game modes besides Invasion, but I can’t check them right now. While the problem is being corrected here, please extend the fix to any other affected game modes.


I might be mistaken, but World Lore Event is the only one where you can see your team even when out of sigils and it only prompts the fact when you try to start actual battle. It would be really nice if old (pre-World Lore) events got the same kind of behavior where feasible.


The number on the “To Battle” button shows how many sigils will you use for this battle.
If you use the battle “epicness” selector to use multiple medals this number will change.

I agree with you that this is frustrating and I would like to see this functionality is added to all kind of events. Sometimes it’s so annoying to recreate your event team just to link it for your guild mates .


Hear Hear!

Yesterday I wanted to share my Invasion team with my Guild Members, but, because I had run out of Sigils, I only had the choice of either buying more or waiting until today.

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What they said. +1 :slight_smile:

You can recreate your team in a regular team slot :slight_smile:

Only if you can remember what it was, which isn’t always a given for all of us…

  1. All my regular team slots are already used for storing teams I use for Explores, Guild Wars, Dungeons, Defence Teams etc

  2. Even if I have a slot free, I have to remember exactly what the team was, or what the restrictions were and the Class and Banner I was using.

It would be so much easier if I could just look at the team.


I could be mistaken too, (I lose track so quickly lol) but I think ToD does too? It could be a fever dream or false memory but I feel like I have pulled up my ToD team for people when out of sigils. :thinking:. But yes, though… all events could benefit from this ability.