Smol event UI feedback

Why is it that I am not allowed to view my team, so I can share it with friends/guildies/enemies?

In some events (like weekly guild campaign event), I can view my team without issues, so I can edit & copy it (and share it), but in the bounty event, I don’t even get to see a glimpse of it.

This doesn’t make sense.

And then there are the odd events (that slip my mind right now), where you can edit your team, but if you DON’T immediately do a fight with that team, it doesn’t get saved if you have to back out for some reason. Meaning your whole time spent setting things up is completely wasted.


Share team with your guild BEFORE you run out of sigils.

Don’t build your team UNTIL you’re ready to use it.

Both of your issues are “intended” by the developers but too easily “resolved”.

Actually all older events work like bounty, raid boss, invasion, tod, you can not share your team without sigils. The option to activate a battle and see the teams with 0 sigil was introduced with the world event battles, also work in journey.
But I agree, this is nonsense.

Stuff happens. Sometimes unintended, or you forget something and you go check on something, or whatever. Sometimes you see someone asking for help in global chat or on some discord and you want to share to help out.
There is no reason to difficult towards others, although you seem to be a big fan of it or being a dick.

Likewise, those things might not be “intended”, but simply overlooked or something they didn’t think about. I prefer giving them the benefit of doubt over pure malice.

It may have been “intended” at the time, but when we have later systems with a different (flat out better!) design then at some point the old system MUST be reviewed & updated for consistency with the new system. The argument of “it’s always been this way” is only worth so much.

It is kind of similar to how when delving Factions you have to spend a Delve Token up front before you even see the map or assemble your team, which is also non-consistent with other modes.

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