View and edit delve teams when not in delve

first of: i’m still a relatively new player so it could be that i just missed the option where i can do this, but here goes…

could it be considered to allow editing and viewing of delve teams if no delve attempts remain? since i’m still finding my way around the different restrictions for delves it’s kinda hard to even draft a team since you need to enter (and spend 1 attempt) a delve before you can see what restrictions you need to work with. planning troop upgrades up front, be it level or traits, is not really possible with the current system.
same goes for when you’ve completed a delve: if some troop combo or placement didn’t work out as expected you can’t edit your team unless you start a new delve run.

the design of the “tower of doom” guild event or similar events could be a template to start from. i do see that the restrictions of having a static team for the whole event might make it a bit more complicated with regards to upgrading/adding traits to troops outside of the delve event, but snapshotting(/cloning) the troops at the time of entering the delve could work around this.

side note: it seems when you exit a delve between fights (not finishing it, but planning to return to it later) you can still modify medals and the effect will be applied to your troops. not sure if this is a bug or feature, since teams currently don’t save medal loadout.

there are a few workarounds like copying the team shortcut or making a screenshot, but this does not address the team planning. using a team build guide is another option, but that kinda takes away of the charm.

anyway, thx for considering. wish i found gems of war sooner, loved puzzle quest 2 and other than gow haven’t found anything that can compare.

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