Changing teams in Delves

Changing team in delve between regular team and full faction team is a pain.

The first and best option that come to my mind is to allow us to select between two teams (or more) in delves.

If that is not possible then why not create a “favourite troops” category in the troop filter where it would be possible to place whatever troops we want.
That could be located in kingdoms filter under name “favourite” for exemple.


100% agree im adding the old post i did


Every single thing that doesn’t allow us to easily switch teams should have the options to select from at least 2 teams. Except for maybe Class Trials, only because there’s not enough options to even make 2 teams.


I didnt remember your post from December, Ricky. I saw that I even liked it at that time.
Lets hope this improvement will be added in a future update.

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Pet rescue could do with similar flexibility.

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