2 team slots for delve

Please give us at least 2 team slots for delve

1- random team
2- faction team

This way we won’t have to rebuild team every time


It would be nice to get one more slot for invasions and raids too.
And for pet battles I would prefer to have possibility to choose from my normal slots.

Invasions and raids only repeat about every two years, so don’t see the point. You already get one special team slot for it.

Yes please! 2 slots would be awesome for delves! Personally couldn’t care less about an extra slot for raid/invasion but that’s just me.

I like the idea, but I’d be a happier man if they changed the faction team requirement to anything else.

5 rooms with the Warrens faction team has really ruined the experience.


Salty should stream high level faction team delves… maybe things would change then.


They don’t even need to stream it. Just play the damn game at a high level like they expect the customers to. If they can’t win… Or have a horrible experience with it. They shouldn’t expect others to enjoy it as if they were playing a GAME.


Capital idea

And TOWER OF DOOM please.
This week I have a team that works against only the Ultimate Doom team. It’s annoying to have to change it for the other rooms…