Bug Wars (put it out of it's misery... already)

Either fix guild wars for good. Change your policy for fixing losses caused by bugs. Or get rid of it completely if you’re not going to support it properly.
2 separate members had the game restart after going 4-0 today which then counted as a loss against a Paragon in bracket 1.
Yeah I asked them to report it on the bug thread on the forums.
But what good will it to? The devs won’t let them try the match again. Or give them the max amount of points for the match that they could of potentially received.
Guild Wars has been riddled with bugs since day 1 which has been almost 2 years ago! Every time they fix a bug, a new one pops up. The only reason you read posts about the bugs less is because guild wars happens less.
Oh well, just another bracket 1 player bitching about how ridiculous Guild Wars is now while playing the smallest violin in the world.
The devs don’t care about guild wars, so why should you?


Not really… It is still the same bugs 2 years after. They have never been fixed.
On the GoW Discord server someone shows that their guild started with a loss at the reset today. That too has been occasionally happening since the beginning of GW.



Why don’t you inform @Kafka or @Cyrup again about this?
Also, I know your intent, but I still think it would be better to create this under the Bug Report section instead.

Yes, I am amazed how many bugs are in this game.
Guild Wars is probably the most infested with issues.
People are asking me not to report them to not overwhelm the developers.

I didn’t experience the bug first hand so I can’t report it. I asked the members that did to report them.
But for 2 years reports have been made. And other bugs appear in their place or were never fixed as @Aelthwyn alleges.
Meanwhile, the points the players miss out on are never reimbursed.
So what is the point of reporting?
The player doesn’t benefit, guild wars doesn’t benefit. It’s just a waste of time for all parties involved with this one particular game mode. So if they aren’t going to support it. Then they need to get rid of it.

You still win lots of gems. I like winning gems. Bugs suck, but at the end of the week i still get a big pile of free gems.

Sorry mate but I don’t agree with you.
Ok there are bugs in the game but show me a game with no bugs…
Also it’s not always the game that is to blame, but the game restarting may also have some other reason than a bug. As there are loosing internet-connection, loss of wifi-signal and other possibilities. :thinking:
Me personally haven’t had any problems with GW and in my guild we love GW. :slight_smile:
So instead of blaming the game perhaps look weather there are maybe other things that could have caused the restart…
Also if you don’t like GW just don’t play it :neutral_face: I don’t like PvP so I don’t play it… It’s as simple as that… :grin:

Hey mate,
No it wasn’t 2 people’s internet connection in 2 different countries happening today before they faced the same opponent both using an iOS device.
So yes it was definitely a bug.
My current thoughts aside about GW. I don’t like any players getting screwed out of GW points because this one guild mode is unstable. So no the solution isn’t just to not play it. The solution is to fix it, get rid of it until it’s fixed or actually take the time to correct the points lost due to bugs.
Instead they, “try to figure out what’s wrong with it, make it less frequent, or tell the player that sucks, but we don’t mess with points in GW.”

Yeah this is why I’m pretty glad I’m in the guild I’m in. Not saying we don’t care about our bracket or make extra efforts to push ahead, but at the end of the day we’re all having fun and even the B3 rewards are pretty sweet.

I think it’s no real surprise that AWR’s pretty bent out of shape about it though. He cares a lot about his image and part of that image is his guild’s standing. He’d rather see his guild lose ranks due to lost games than disconnects.

But like, what’s the proposed fix? Disconnects are an unwinnable situation. The only choices I can see are like:

  1. Disconnects trigger a restart.
  2. Disconnects count as a loss.
  3. GW matches at B2 and up have to happen livestreamed with the devs watching.

(2) sucks because sometimes you lose a game due to shaky internet. (1) sucks because EVERYONE would disconnect and retry until they get a favorable board. GoW doesn’t make enough money for (3).

I don’t even want to argue about (1). “Oh, no, what if you just got one free disconnect?” I bet we’d find that most players “somehow” manage to disconnect at least once per GW day in that world. Then the thread becomes, “Oh you mean to tell me TWO guildmates out of 30 had bad internet TWICE within the same hour? IT’S SUSPICIOUS.”

Maybe the unlisted (4) is the best solution: that weird idea from years ago that only the top 27 scores are used. Then you could have up to three guildmates targeted by the Black Lodge conspiracy before it really has an impact.


Or it could just be that I hate bugs. And specially bugs that the players have had to endure for 2 years. I made it clear in the OP that no one else cares. Including you it seems. So your thoughts about disconnects is as welcomed as always. Has nothing to do with the OP though. A bug caused their losses. Not faulty internet. And hell yeah I care about my guild. Show me a GM who doesn’t care about their guild. Yet, I’m sure my guild isn’t the only one affected by these bugs. I just get the luxury of writing about them and gaining unsolicited thoughts from the likes of you thanks to them. :+1:

I haven’t yet seen these reports but the game restarting can be caused by a number of reasons, not just bugs. Unfortunately, any device is open to technical issues: those such as performance, stability or connection issues and these can appear as a restart on our end regardless. We have more on reimbursing points here. If any issue is caused by a bug that we are aware of we will always do our utmost best to fix the issue for good.

Okay! I think we should remove Guild Wars moving forward and replace it with Invasion, and not buff the rewards. Win/win yeah? :rofl::heart: (Please be aware that I am ASBOLUTELY trolling, I in no way mean this.)

As Cyrup stated, this is an issue that is overwhelmingly caused by connection errors and technical issues with devices. Our servers have been very stable (on our end) lately, and it is worth remembering that sometimes wi-fi connections drop out, or mobile devices go out or range, on top of possible device issues.

A re-do isn’t an option due to possibility of it being abused. We have done our best to make Guild Wars as stable as possible, and are always doing our best to improve our servers.

As always, we are sorry that some wins were recorded as losses. This issue affects all guilds equally, no one is free from the tyranny of connection issues!


It happened to two separate people both today in 2 different countries under the exact same circumstances for GW. One on an iPad and one on an iPhone. I get it though. I’m trying to urge them to do a bug report. But essentially part of my OP is how resistant people are to do Reports about bugs in guild wars. Because they simply see no point in doing so.

I’m letting you know that this is not a apple specific bug. This sounds like an odd coincidence. You are, of course, welcome to submit bug reports and we always encourage players to do so.


this is just a wild guess but internet connectivity is definitely not the problem. the way gow is designed, no matter how bad you internet is, you are never to lose your match due to it, unless you are impatient and close or restart the game.

you only need internet during the “loading screen” and chat. during gameplay, no internet is needed. game end, internet needed again. and during loading screen, the game won’t give up on connecting except during error message present. if the button is clicked and error message go away, the game will continue trying to connect.

awryan is right, connectivity is not the issue.


In 3 years of me playing GoW, the few times I have submitted a ticket I have been fobbed off by the devs with lame excuses and solutions. I am one of the players who this has happened to and it was definitely not down to my connectivity as in I was mid way through the battle before the game cut out. But oh well, nothing is going to change so there’s no point in whinging about it :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Knock on wood, but in those 4,5 yrs I have been playing, I never experienced a disconnect, certainly not in GW (yes, bracket 1).

I did experience the other bugs like 4-matches not registering, perks not activating,… which can impact the match greatly too.

I don’t know guys, it is pretty suspicious.

I mean how could 2 people in the entire world have internet issues at the same time? That seems preposterous. I’ve never been in a situation like that before. We all know only one person is allowed to have an internet problem at a time.


I’ve never had problems with gw personally (touch wood) but I always restart the game fully before starting my gw battles. Especially if daily reset has occurred or I have been playing for more than 1 hour. I know the game no longer freezes completely but it still gets slow and laggy exactly on the 1 hour mark when tribute is due and stays laggy till you restart.

Played GW since the beginning, never had an issue of any kind
Not saying it doesn’t happen to others, but it’s frequency has got to be extremely low