Guild Wars is a broken buggy mess

I have been affected by this bug. I have been unable to participate which is affecting 30 people I haven’t been able to join the fun and my 29 guildmates are missing out on up to 40K points that I should be earning.

One of my guildmates got the win counting as a loss bug twice and missing out on a lot of points

He is losing points and I am losing thousands of points and the devs don’t even seem to care all they have said is

@Nimhain @Saltypatra When we miss out on all these points it risks us going down a bracket or not going up a bracket there is lost rewards there and people have spent gold, glory, gems, and souls to level sentinels so we can go up a bracket that is wasted resources.

The thing you both seem to be forgetting or just not caring about is the whole point of Guild Wars is to get as many points as possible and to get into the highest bracket to get the best rewards and with us missing out on all these points because of bugs that is just not possible.

From @Saltypatra and @Nimhain post you seemed to have resolved this issue by just saying sorry and I can participate next week but I find that unacceptable.

There is also the bug of people not getting their seals for daily wins.

That is 3 bugs that Hoguns is suffering from and can not just be ignored.


Agreed. The issue needs to be resolved but if it can’t be resolved quickly then resources must be refunded guild wide. These aren’t just oops-a-daisy, we’ll fix it eventually kind of bugs. We’re spending resources on a game mode and then having the chance to win pulled out from under us.

I know this isn’t some intentional ploy on the Devs part to cheat us out of our resources but the end result is the same. Fix (preferable) or refund guild-wide.


I agree everyone should get refunded the resources they spent. Everyone upgraded the sentinels with the impression that they would have a chance at bracket 1 and max rewards and with these bugs that is probably not possible now. There is also a chance you won’t even win bracket 2 with the amount of points you are missing out on.


My guild has had a new player that joined on Monday that hasn’t been able to play the whole week as well.


Yup, and another one is on vacation. We are doing pretty good even with 28 players in GW, and so far I am delighted to see that we get something back for all the hard work. A good structure surely pays off. :slight_smile:


I’m tired of hearing you whine about this, and it certainly doesn’t deserve a whole new thread. To be honest, I think a lot of people thought you had to have your members locked in on Sunday so many were actively recruiting leading up to the weekly changeover. So I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for you to begin with. Even then, you were already heard. The devs already responded to you multiple times. Now you’re just beating a dead horse.

We currently have a player who ended up leaving us on Monday and we didn’t get a chance to replace her. But you don’t hear us whining so much. It happens. I’m sure it will happen again. Just move on.


Then mute the thread. There’s no reason for you to be an ass just because you’re too jaded to care; or, you know, keep responding and bumping the thread; that works for us, too.


Well said groot well said


Ouch, that is quite a few things. I am pretty sure you can discuss something out with them in private messages to reach some kind of resolve.

Things like the 50 seal thing can likely be done through support tickets.

As far as the lost points for guild wars, this may not be as big of a deal as it seems. Yes, the guild next week will likely move down some because of this, but that just makes it even easier to move up the following week as your battles will be slightly easier compared to your previous bracket.


While I don’t disagree with this, the issue is more like buying into a poker match and then being told you lost a hand that you actually didn’t lose which puts the whole game in jeopardy. Could you still win? Maybe. Are you now at a disadvantage through no fault of your own for a game that you paid to enter? Definitely. To say nothing of the fact that if you’re forced to go to a lower tier you have zero chance of winning the same top prize for that week (mostly talking about the cards here).

Is it the end of the world? Of course not. Is it something the Devs need to compensate us for? Definitely.

Edit: And just to clarify, by “compensate” I mean refund everyone in the guild for the resources they spent on their Statues this week.


@Tacet a little off topic but have you ever considered having a theme song? How bout

As refunding each guild may not be something to be easily done in some automatic fashion (or maybe it is, i honestly don’t know) i’m sure that the devs will do their best.

(This is just a possibility if they can’t make mass refunds to everyone with some automatic script or something.)

I imagine they would give out some copies of that “Flying Eyeball”, a bunch of gems and some glory. The extra cards are a compensation for any score loss, causing an undeserved position in the brackets, that any guild had due the problems with recruitment, and others, so giving extra copies would “pay” for the investiment anyone made. Gems and Glory are more expensive resources that we could have used upgrading the guardians so having some back is a nice gesture as some maybe overspent with hopes that everything would work fine, even if the compensation is not equal to what you spend you are also receiving some extra cards, as if you had reached your goal with said investiment, plus the rewards of that bracket certainly could cover (mostly) the whole investiment.

The amount of things to be compensated could be based on some fixed amount and a little extra (literally a little) depending of your guild’s final position as a form of saying: “Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for your participation on the very first test.”

Sounds fair i believe. :slight_smile:
(This is just a possibility if they can’t make mass refunds to everyone with some automatic script or something.)


Yeah, that’d be a good alternative. I think I’d be ok with receiving that in lieu of a total refund. I can’t say if my guildmates would agree or not but I suspect they would. Good use, @Ivar :slight_smile:


You are welcome, my guess is that refunds could be a a little messy as many players invested diferent amounts of resources in some guilds, and any mistake would lead to a tsunami of Support tickets to deal with… So a compensation planned in this fashion seems very viable on their part.

Of course, i’m in no position to speak for them, but the suggestion was made with my best hopes for both sides, players and developers.


I thought about just private messaging one of the devs but @Ashasekayi said in another thread her guild has the same problem. I made this a thread instead incase there were other guilds having the same problem.

I don’t even really care about the seals I just added that because it is another bug that is affecting my guildmates.[quote=“Tacet, post:9, topic:23218”]
As far as the lost points for guild wars, this may not be as big of a deal as it seems. Yes, the guild next week will likely move down some because of this, but that just makes it even easier to move up the following week as your battles will be slightly easier compared to your previous bracket.

Moving down a bracket means a loss of 5000 gold, 75 gems and 4 GW troops and it also means the following week we’d be back in bracket 2 instead of possibly bracket 1.

Not moving up to bracket 1 means losing out on a minimum of 5000 gold, 100 gems and 8 GW troops.

Plus there is the issue of the resources they spent on sentinels trying to get into bracket 1 to have a chance at the top prizes.

If Dragon’s Peak was in bracket 2 and you knew you would be losing out on thousands of points because 1 member didn’t have a chance at doing their 5th battle due to a bug that called his win a loss and another member just couldn’t compete at all would you still have spent resources upgrading sentinels knowing you would either probably drop a bracket or just stay in bracket 2?

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29 other people are losing resources and probably missing out on rewards because of me so I’m not going to stop whining until I can do something to help them.


Right now the team is doing everything they can to rectify this bug and iron out any flaws before the next Guild Wars. In testing this problem never arose, so we didn’t have a chance to fix it before Guild Wars was released.

We are unsure of what actions we will take going forward, but we are discussing it. As soon I have word I’ll let everyone know what we plan to do.


Thanks, @Saltypatra; I appreciate you letting us know the Devs are looking into both matters. That makes me feel much better and I eagerly await your findings/decision.


Thank you. Getting these bugs fixed is the most important thing so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


Ok, third time this week. :frowning:

Another marked lost when I haven’t loss a GW a fight ever. PLEASE FIX THIS. Three times this week I have been marked as losing a fight when I didn’t. This time I am including my battle log and Undefeated screenshot to show I haven’t loss any fights.

I hope this helps but here is exactly what I did during the bug. I went in to battle number two. Saw the enemy and wanted to re-arrange my team. I clicked edit and moved my bottom player to the top. I then did the fight and when I was shown the victory screen I clicked past the rewards to get to the main screen and saw I had one loss/win on my second GW fight. (I only have fought two GW fights today but it has three marked).