Please fix the GW bug

This winning a GW battle only for it to be counted as a loss has gone on long enough. This has existed since GW began & no fix has ever been introduced, the ‘compensation’ is a joke & really doesn’t make up for the points that this bug costs.
I’m also fighting in bracket 1 & what you guys don’t seem to understand is that this costs more than points - this can cost guild members too. A lot of emphasis is placed on GW positions (quite rightly as well) & a successful guild can recruit easier - dropping a bracket is hard to take, dropping because a bug screwed a couple of your guys over in a week would be downright unbearable, especially if it made guildies leave…


The same thing happened to me yesterday @Casper1875 (also in B1). Although it is nice for support to offer a bit of compensation, I would rather for this to just be fixed. :crossed_fingers: it will be once the next client update arrives. (hopefully)


Has this been confirmed to be fixed in the next patch?


We can only hope eh? It’s already happened to one of my guys as well, plus at least another 2 with yourself in bracket 1 that I’m aware of.
We’re trying to rebuild & stay in bracket 1 at the same time & this is a bad week for bugs to hit :+1:

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Not seen anything official

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This week I had 8 GW fights one day.

On the he first fight the Scouting showed an opponent consisting of pretty much trash Troops each with their given Traits and around 60 EHP per Troop.

I set my team accordingly and proceeded into battle but when the fight started suddenly the Team was composed of completely different Troops, each with maxed stats and EHP of around 150 per Troop.

Needless to say I lost that battle hard. The game did the same bug on the next 2 fights with different specifics. At this point 3 fights, 3 opponent teams all different than what I was shown in Scouting. I managed to somehow win 1 of them.

I walked away as not to throw my computer mouse through the window in frustration, and came back later to finish. Without restarting the client, rebooting, or anything of the kind, magically all of that was forgotten by the game and as far as the game cared I hadn’t even started that day’s GW fights.

I then did that day’s 5 fights all in a row, winning them all.

I absolutely detest GW for these things which literally happen daily, if not multiple times per day. I have not had a single week of satisfying GW play since the feature was instituted. Nothing but stress, frustration, anger, and resentment.


Oh man I haven’t had THAT happen, I’d have broken glass & plastic all over the place if I had to deal with that :rofl:
It is really frustrating though - most teams are catching each other & the brackets really are getting closer every week. We’re getting to the points where points lost to a bug can majorly affect your position in the rankings.

Very true.
Many players are quitting the game because they are frustrated of seeing the efforts they make to perform well ruined by bugs and RNG.

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We have been continuously looking into this issue for a while. I understand that it is frustrating to have it happen however this particular issue isn’t as simple as it may appear. The team have been looking at it from a several angles, using player reports and data to try and assist us.

Part of the problem we have, is we have not been able to accurately reproduce this internally when testing. Without a clear and precise understanding what is triggering the problem, it makes it harder for the team to lock down the actual cause of the problem.

It seems there there may be more than one related issue here. We have fixed a few cases of it, so it seems to be happening 10-20% less then previously.


Thanks for the response Nim, I have to agree it’s the first time it’s happened to me in a while.
Good to know you’re working on it, bit miffed that it seems to be a bug that won’t go away though - no chance at all that we could ever replay those battles against the paragon that we missed out on?
Even if we sent recored proof of what happened?

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Thank you so much for your continued effort and for updating us.

I want to play GW with a deep strategy so badly but I pretty much find myself plowing through the fights with little regard for strategy or team composition, since I have been bitterly denied the fruits of so much careful effort, so many times.

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You can keep up to date with the issue here:

If you have not yet contacted support about this issue, check out the article above and feel free to submit a request answering those two questions. As mentioned in other threads, I’m keeping this section of the Help Center updated with major known issues and their status, so it’s a good thing to follow.

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