[Reported] 4+ years of Guild Wars Points being broken

Thanks devs for ruining this guild event for at least 30 members this week because you believe a broken event is better than taking it offline until you can fix it.

Fact: You know it’s broken, you don’t know how to fix it, and you allow it to remain. 🤷


Strange… Curious about ranking though

It must be really frustrating to have this still around after so long… :frowning:

But we all know it’s not going to be fixed.
It is simply not a priority to fix bugs for this game. And especially GW is never going to be a priority because it’s not a gem sink, and therefore not a game mode they make money on…

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I’ve reported this to the team. In future for the fastest help please write a ticket as well. I review all the tickets from the weekend on a Monday morning so if I see something urgent like this we can do our best to get it fixed up before the weekly reset.

I’ll let you know once I’ve heard back from the team.

I don’t remember this bug being reported before, do you have another example I can share with the dev team?

Just a follow up. There was a player in the guild trying to hack the game. They’ve been banned. I’ll ask the team to check how this happened so it can be prevented in future and to fix up the Guild’s Score.

In future if you see this happen to one of your Guilds please report the player for hacking and kick them out of your Guild immediately.


This sounds like incredibly bad advice and should be corrected ASAP.

Guild Wars scoring has been broken for ages, in various ways, assuming that someone has been cheating whenever the numbers don’t match is a very, very long shot. Kicking a player also doesn’t change anything about the guild score, even if they had been cheating, it just ensures that the guild will score less over the whole week due to being down one player.

The proper way to handle this is to report the player, then act based on the response. Why the hell is IP2 officially advising players to go all trigger happy based on gut feelings?


In the past when trying to do a bug report ticket the website just directs us to the forums website anyway. Is that no longer the case?

This was a very extreme and obvious case with over -1.5 billion in the score. I wasn’t suggesting to act on minor discrepancies.

You can report it under Guild Management.

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