Update 7.0

No text needed here :laughing:



… I don’t see what the issue is? (Personally I’d have shortened the extra tab to “Countdown to 7.0”, but…)

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The update drops during Guild Wars week. Updates dropping during Guild Wars week traditionally come with side effects that affect Guild Wars negatively in some way. One would think that with Guild Wars only happening every 4 weeks that the chance for an update to drop on Guild Wars week is around 25%, for some reason it is next to 100% though.


For those of us that only care about guild wars, my poopchute is clenched.


They have a spotty track record for some times now. Seeing an update during guild war is not what you want when you still in the game for that event.

And yes, it always seems to drop that week…


Guild War is the only event that devs don’t make money on.
Other events cost thousands of gems to get into leaderboards.

GW requires you to be in B1 or it doesn’t really matter how well you do, and there’s a set number of gems (300ish??) to max our your GW stats. Not something people usually dump real money on.


BINGO! 10 Gorillion chars.

World Events have been concurrent with Guild Wars for a very long time now. Makes for a bad weekend a lot of time. So the other event thing doesn’t really explain why it has to be a GW week and not a different week with a World Event on its own.


Yeah, I’ve hung around the forums long enough by now to see several examples of that.


World events are almost every week though. My point is that they don’t consider GW important, so it doesn’t matter if the update glitches out the war.


I’m hesitant to post this since who wants to complain about a free gift but…

… Today’s souls gift just feels a wee bit off.

  1. 7,777 gold: about as good as its going to get
  2. 77 White Food: good
  3. 77 souls: <— this one seems off
  4. 7 gem keys: good
  5. 7 diamonds : good
  6. 7 Celestial Traitstones: good
  7. 77 Gems: good

(I’m being realistic here, anything I labeled good could easily be better, but they’re unlikely to give us more)

I feel like the equivalent amount of souls would have been 777 souls. Not that I’m gonna complain about getting 700 more souls, but its more like if that’s what they consider is the proper conversion rate of gold to souls to everything else…

They’re overvaluing souls…

Like if my choice was 77 white pet food or 77 souls from an angel, I would take 77 white pet food every time, no question. Even if I needed souls, I would take the food.


No just souls, I wouldn’t call those 7 diamonds good either. I mean, sure, it’s a freebie, I’ll take it. It just feels a lot similar to getting 7 writs, there’s nothing you can do with it, even if you receive that freebie another dozen times.

The real jackpot are those 7 celestial traitstones. Unless you are a veteran player they’ll be very helpful.


If I close my eyes, I will not see it too.

On this subject we can talk about the price of the power orb. At the time this price could be “justified” by the scarcity of this resource and what this resource could give. But “offering” this resource (sometimes it’s better to finish second than first in an event) in the major orbs, that dragonite, and other resources to evolve the kingdoms become very important resources, I always asked the question of why leaving this price which can give a reference of rarity/usefulness/etc which is no longer the case.
I haven’t looked at paid offers too much for a long time, but I have the impression that the price balance is completely wrong (deliberately, forgetfulness or laziness?). From there, the free offers I do not expect anything logical.
Like the campaign that has been reduced, but the rewards too, without the price changing (for those who buy it).

And here i am wondering why things are 77 and not 70

The celestial stones are helpful to this veteran player :joy: Of course I took several years off and never played super strategically, but I think 7 Celestial Stones is Huge.


It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

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Dang :smiley: I won’t have that any time soon :smiley:

I use all my celestials and cursed runes to craft orbs of chaos.
Helped me get a bunch of pets and doomed weapons to max from the orbs they gave.

I don’t recommend unless you have a lot, btw…
like, I maxed 3 doomed weapons and 8 pets by crafting a LOT of orbs of chaos.


Regarding the initial theme of the thread, I would say, the only good time to do a huge update would be, when there are no events scheduled at all, so that nothing “important” suffers from the inevitable launch problems.
And while I would consider occassional “empty” weeks an improvement, this is something, that will never happen again, rather the opposite. I forsee weekends with four parallel event types in the future. “More content”.

Yesterday I found myself thinking, that this game could actually be fun. If only there were no rankings, and possibly not even rewards. Among all of its flaws, the fact that everything gets turned into a fierce competition, might be an overlooked one.