Stop releasing patch on gw week

I’m seeing a combination of issues on this thread.

If you are playing on mobile and the game updates, after the first couple of hours some lag or images may load slowly. You need to Download All Assets in settings.

For anything else, can everyone provide some more details on the issue? I’m unclear if the game is crashing or loading.

  1. Is there an error message appearing?
  2. When you say crash, is the game closing to the desktop/home screen, or is it frozen?
  3. Or is the game loading perpetually on startup?
  4. What platform is this occurring on (e.g. mobile phone, PS4, etc)
  5. When does the crash occur?

If anyone has any screenshots that would be particularly useful. we are looking into this.

thanks Cyrup my thread whas only to request a better schedule for updates.
the bug a lot of post referring too happen when you enter a battle and you get infinite loading and you can’t make nothing only close the game, we have guildmate who have waited more then 30 minutes, I don’t have the screenshot for this issue

Please reinstall the game download all assets (after linking your account) to prevent this issue)

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Wait. You mean the reverse right? Reinstall and then download all assets.

Thanks. I’ve got my morning coffee and brownie now!

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Is there any particular reason why every patch has to happen on a guild wars week?

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This is a screen of the infinite loading

So we have to reinstall the game every patch to prevent some bug? For gw top guild every patch is a pain with the release during gw

Sorry Cyrup. You’re right. Frustration took control of keyboard. My bad.