Spoiler. .. ...... new artwork


New artwork in [Spoiler] gros knok [/Spoiler]




What in the world is that second one?!

(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

It looks like some evil lookin’ worm that might breathe fire.


More newly spoted wildlife in the kingdoms


`` [/Spoiler]


Here’s another one I found


All of them look amazing!


I can never tell the difference between a female elf and a male elf. Either way both look amazing.


I’m interested to see what the last spoilers spell/traits will do. Well, all of them really. :slight_smile:


Weird… If i try to check out the kingdoms for the art it appears a “Downloading” message with a connection error while i still have internet connection… And then i need to close the game. :confused:
Hope it’s nothing serious.


I know that there’s an issue with Wild Plains, but I haven’t had any issues with the rest of the kingdoms.


Need … Another … Darkstone troop


Here’s another:


Found another one


Still no darkstone. :cry:


what if i told you dark stone is coming and those in wild plains and such are for other kingdoms. Now if i could believe my own words.


Is that a buffalo with “wild” wings? I don’t approve lol


Umm breasts?


I did a whole video on these on YouTube @ Tacet the Terror as well as their abilities and the few legendary traits. Still not allowed to post them on forum, but I can still mention it exists. :wink:


I have seen many a guy with large supple breasts so i will not be tricked when it comes to what is on the chest.


would be cool if those were new hero art work :slight_smile: