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SPOILERS: New troop art?



Blighted Lands:

Conchita in Khaziel :expressionless:

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Mechano-Dragon is amazing, @Tacet gonna lose his mind. :slight_smile:
The Female Dwarf has a glorious beard. :grinning:
The female half-demon (?) looks cool! :open_mouth:

New imp. It’s purple. It got talked about a while back in Global chat

I have NO idea what this is but it looks awesome and I WANT it

FemDwarf. Perhaps Blue/Green? Nim said we’re getting Swamps, so…

Demon with a crossbow? Nice.

Dat hammer

Adana. Epic, maybe?

Tacet’s gonna FLIP OUT. New dragon. NICE.

A capsule of sorts? A bomb? A time machine? Perhaps in some way related to the dude with the book. Maybe a tech festival type thing for an event? That would be cool

Digging through files, found these sprites. Not including spoilers for Dragon kingdom. Tacet already did that

Love some of that artwork.

I’m guessing the jack o lantern dude will be the purple imp? That art is hilarious!
EDIT: never mind! Didn’t read the post, great art nevertheless.

No, you did read it. I added the text in a series of edits after the fact. I’m going to be working on getting spell icons up here next

Trick or Treat: Imp’s spell. Almost definitely.

I don’t remember seeing these before:

Almost definitely in Adana:

Mostly great art. Love that mech dragon and the crossbow/horned female. She reminded me of how great this characters look is…


The demon girl with the crossbow and that half dragon or half demon girl looks awesome.

And she’ll be Moloch’s, Gorgotha’s, and Famine’s worst enemy, based on my Magic 8-Ball.


What do those three have in common other than yellow mana? Famine and Moloch have a mana drain, I guess. But Gorgotha doesn’t. Lyya, SPEAK TO ME WITH YOUR WORDS~!

Starts with D.

So… A 30 percent chance to devour Daemons? :wink:

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Daemons are a thing.

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30% devour will go the way of maws 15% in a week *)

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I was thinking a variation of the Kerberos spell, “deal x damage and have a 30% chance to devour Daemons”.
That does not sound all that bad, does it? :wink:

Folks, I don’t think the nice young lady is going to devour daemons.

… OK maybe she has horns herself, who knows.

Id have assumed she did true damage to one troop

clothes and a beard! YES!