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(Spoilers) Holy troop previews, Batman!

Seems the developers left us with some kind of preview of new troops after all–hidden away in the Kingdom menu for each kingdom! See below:

Anybody else noticed this before? I just stumbled on it yesterday when trying to decide which kingdom to power up next and figured I’d share.

When you forget the spoiler text.

I kinda figured it wasn’t necessary since anyone can just stumble on it; it’s not like I’m digging into the code or anything. And actually I’m not sure what the spoiler tags are…

Euhm old news :wink: Was covered in other topics already…

They’re pretty obvious. It’s the word “spoiler” in square brackets, with the usual frontslash in the closing tag.

[ spoiler ]Spoiler text or image or whatever[ /spoiler ] produces:

Spoiler text or image or whatever

if you remove the spaces inside the square brackets.

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I figured it must have been, but I didn’t see anything other than the usual “I peeked at the code and found this” variety. Lol