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New Troop? Saw this guy {spoilers?}

Saw this guy in Grosh-Nak

Edited title for spoilers. You should probably put your photo in spoiler tags.

I heard we will be getting 3 troops next week, the same way like with forest of thorns
and if you shuffle enough in groshnak you’ll see all 3 :wink:
One looks like giant maw.

[ spoilers ] texthere [ / spoilers ]

with no spaces in the tags

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Won’t place spoilers:(

Nevermind, figured out its spoiler without the s on the end. Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Some more of that magical manual editing. So amaze :grinning:

Why is this a spoiler if its available for everyone ingame?

Indeed, spoiler tags seem over the top. I guess console players cant see his image in game and may not want to know about him

It was always like that. . Even when you can see the troop in the troop list. Some people for some reason don’t like knowing stuff before they happen.
Me on the other hand, I like knowing things before they are even planed :sweat_smile:

It’s this guy, who will be here soon:

Common Grosh-Nak Beast
Feral Tusk (8 Green)
Destroy a row. Deal [Magic + 2] damage to the first enemy, boosted by Skulls destroyed. [3x]
(Beast Bond, Grudge, Armored)
Hakuna Matata


Not bad, interesting for Arena at least.

Not in troop list as I can see just in the Kingdom. Sorry if I didn’t post correctly I am fairly new to posting…