*Art tips for troops* Updated - Kingdoms Sirrian/Whitelands Ideas:)

Anyone? :dancer:

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Valks brother. Red/Brown 10. Select a gem and change its color to yellow. gain X souls.

New Legendary: Dark Claw - Daemon
Death Claw: 25 mana(purple/blue), kills two random enemies, one random ally will also die in this attack.

Nope, no way, can’t happen. … Because that would be way too cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

By chance any of this artwork yours? … Just asking since I do art/digital art as well. :slightly_smiling:

Nah, its just someone that I found. :slightly_smiling:

@Eika You want to be Bahamut?

Not exactly, but more like a dragon species that is half dragon/human.

Oh, Jim Morrison, then.:wink:

Looks like an Incubus or similar daemon guy… But why would its spell make yellow gems as a daemon? Yellow broadly associates to holy colour (as well as air element colour)… Any soul-crafting daemon should be making purple or maybe red gems…

Because he has a little of his sisters blood, Valkyrie uses yellow mana, her brother makes. And there is already so many troops that making red gems, therefor I do pick yellow. But indeed, he could had made purple, its not too many purple creators? What would his name be like? I would suggest Valkyrion.

This game use to support modifying the hero appearance as well as basically any asset in the game. Here are actual in game screenshots prior to 1.0.8:


I was really expecting @Archenassa ribbon venoxia to make another appearance


That was just photoshoped, rather than modified to be in game.


:scream: that’s not real?!? :scream:

And I meant as an appearance what @Eika would want his hero to look like. Not the actual “weapon” ever existing. I’d want to see your flare gun first anyway.

Here we have the Rock Worm Queen.

The swamp thing

Spider of Death