(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

So both of the upcoming journey events will be bad. And we will have to suffer through it. This is probably what is going to happen with the upcoming journey events:

  1. Blue giant journey event–keep bashing with skulls using baldur, onyx giant and hero until the enemy becomes too powerful (probably when they have 200+ armor and life) Gambling with devour might be our best option with Vidarr the vast if we can create enough blue gems. We can try ocea’s tomb to create a better board.

  2. Brown naga journey event–What? Brown? Earth to developers, you might not have heard of Marilith who uses green and red mana and is an amazing troop. We can’t even use one of the best mana generators, and it proves they don’t play or understand basic blunders like this. The only way I see us getting through this is using Emperinazara to buff up our stats and resummoning troops. Slap in a Mambasara to throw some ping pong balls at a brick wall or get around it by using the money-locked ruby macaque.


Thisll be fun for blue giants… Skull spam sandwich🤔

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gotta leave room for the blue journey troop, though Im assuming you’re going to leave off Jotnar?

The first two troops really do all the work, the weapon and jotnar are pretty changeable. Probably jam a summon weapon at the back and yes youll have to jam the journey guy in up front further in to the journey.

My plan for a “summon weapon” is to bring along Hyndla Frostcrown to cover that role on an “as needed” basis. And to let her third trait be her contribution otherwise while I try to loop with Baldr and Rope Dart, the latter being my notion to try and deal with high-level enemies by nuking their armor without dropping a turn.

karakoth weapon. please. some kingdoms have 17-20+ and we’re stuck at 13 of 14…on a magic kingdom that could go to level 30…


So I was thinking…

… with the Deep Delve expansion coming out for Depths of Sin this week, you know what would have made sense if Deep Delves weren’t just an excuse for a new map? And for a randomly-generated critter that theoretically should help out those of you still doing all-Faction teams but seldom does?

What if the new Depths of Sin troop had the Necromancy trait? Especially given how three of the five troops (including the new guy) have their spell boosted by Souls?

Wouldn’t that have made sense? Or are my expectations calibrated too high given the lack of useful “new” troops in almost every single one of the previous Deep Delves?


definitely too high

Its sad to see, but par for the course. The first few were great and the rest fell off a cliff

Are there any info on new kingdoms? There are 4 new kingdoms and their factions in the “Kingdom spoilers”, but nothing else.

nothing currently. just consider it placeholder data for the time being


Feels very strong, but maybe it isn’t?

At the very least, I feel like trying it…

A bit of a downside to only hit randomly, but maybe doing overal 600+ damage in a single cast seems kinda crazy. Then again, a lot of people don’t think Pan very strong despite its damage output since it only does damage with no board control.

It has Impervious + Holy Armor which makes it one of the better impervious + skull reduction troops… but that also works against its main spell. Weird design


Yes, looks like a Mythic in Legendary hide. Similar troops in the game are Mythic (TINA-9000, Ahries, Pan).


If u paired commander dawn heart with megavore (has blue and red to cover his missing mana colors), u could easily defeat level 350+ enemies after stripping away the armor. U could even use shield of urskaya to scale his damage to make it absolutely absurd. He basically will replace gaard’s avatar because he will do more damage and doesn’t have to worry about submerge.

I was speculating that he would have some angel gem mechanic for his final trait, but every yellow gem match will increase his damage by 20, so at least it is helpful. He is releasing next Monday, so it might be too late to change his absurd damage output. Maybe they just want people to buy the kingdom pass?:rofl:

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It wouldn’t take the developers very much effort at all to make a change prior to release. Or to retcon things a few days later if it takes them that long to recognise just how broken that troop is going to be, that being combined with the outcry because he’ll only be available to people who are purchasing the Kingdom Pass for several weeks/months.

The simplest way to bring the guy back in line with “reasonable” would be to use the nerf-hammer on his boost ratio. Which wouldn’t require much more than changing one number in a database somewhere.


Now they went too far in the other direction…

Stronger than Paladin in overall damage output, but less focused. Meh.

I see some Whitehelm troop rebalances coming very soon…


I feel that Dawnheart is a sidegrade to Gaard’s Avatar. Pair him up with Megavore and he can easily wreck D12 Explore, I think.

If Commander Dawnheart was given a 2:1 boost ratio for his damage based off of his armor, it would have been just right. They even reduced his final trait by gaining 4 instead of 5 armor on yellow gem matches, but it won’t be that impactful.

I just don’t understand their decisions sometimes because now people r less likely to buy the kingdom pass. The new glory orbs they added on the paid side can just be gotten in under spire.:thinking:

It’s a legendary troop that’s still far better than most mythic troops. It deals a huge amount of damage out of the box, with all the potential to go utterly crazy when buffed. And it even has better traits and a better spell pattern to apply damage than Gaard’s Avatar. I see no reason to complain.

That would have made Gaard’s Avatar entirely obsolete, and he’s currently one of the very best mythics around.


Why do you think Gaard’s Avatar is one of the very best mythics?

Most people haven’t used Gaard or Ketras for anything outside of quick events in a while.

We’ve long since past the point where troops can give non-minimal magic gains, so despite Gaard having good damage potential gimmicks, its not like other troops can’t get magic buffs in a similar time span. There’s also a lot of armor tear gimmicks available and any sort of damage basically negates Gaard doing more than standard things.