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Dragon Magic

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/dragon-magic/

An elegant magic for a more civilized age.

New Troop: Asha

Asha - full name, Ashalindellasaura - like all Red Dragonians, is a priest of the Dragon Soul. One of the tasks of the Priests is to guard the precious Dragon eggs. Unfortunately, due to the recent theft of the eggs, Asha was exiled from her home, and is now traveling Krystara in search of the stolen eggs (which may already have hatched).

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Yeah first

Sweet This looks cool!

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This troop looks awesome.

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Stolen eggs… yes…
cough Raven cough

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I love those little stories…hihi

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Asha approves this name.


How much to invest in nerf protection for 7 days?


Details here:



Looks cool. Nice to have another reverse colour changer. Spell lacks a bit of oomph to be worth using much in the late game…

Looks cool, doesn’t do a whole lot though. Shame. I’m hoping for a buff still.

… To the troop. I realize it gives a … buff … I’m gonna go.

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The main change I’d like to see is a reduction to 10 mana cost. That 2 mana difference isn’t much when the cascades start flowing, but as a potential starting point as a mana generator/support for a team, it means everything.


I miss the fast/extra turn/stealthy/extra damage on her a bit. She does have magic link though! And only 12 mana cost! What’s not to like :slight_smile:

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To me… It’s clearly a counter to Queen mab teams. Such as Emp K, Valk, Mab, and Mercy.

Does it give 3 magic to all allies? or just to that random ally?

Now that seems like a good addition.
I don’t think it’ll find it’s way to many end game decks, but at least it should be used a bit in Guild Wars.

Done - and she’s ready to rumble :slight_smile:

I’m going to complain about the RNG a little bit. I just lost my second PVP match of the week. Both against Nobend / Fizzbang / Grapplepot / Mab. Have won all other matches, none of which involved any of these four troops.

Nobend exploded 7 times, drained my attack twice, and damaged me twice. Fizzbang exploded 12 times and increased stats once.

I will continue to monitor this, as I have been my tribute totals (spoiler alert: they’re low). There will be a small data post incoming once I get bored of tallying.


I think I know the answer to this, but Elemaugrim should be in event chests this week, right?

Edit: Nevermind :smiley: