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CONSOLE: Dragon Magic

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/console-dragon-magic/

An elegant magic for a more civilized age.

New Troop: Asha

Asha - full name, Ashalindellasaura - like all Red Dragonians, is a priest of the Dragon Soul. One of the tasks of the Priests is to guard the precious Dragon eggs. Unfortunately, due to the recent theft of the eggs, Asha was exiled from her home, and is now traveling Krystara in search of the stolen eggs (which may already have hatched).

Please note this Event is exclusive to the PS4 and XBox 1 versions of the game.

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I got first this time.

Booooo we still 3 troops behind :frowning:

And give them three magic…
I hate that non scaling stuff, no boost?


And give them 1 magic, boosted by my magic. Boost 4:1 or something.

We got 1 troop, they got two.

yup 3 troop behind if you count giant

How come dragon soul can never go over 11? And 20 for all 4? I always felt like his magic showed be allowed a buff If the troop adds magic.

Edit, now that I try, it’s the number of gems exploded that goes up, not damage.

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Gotta say, the Treasure Hunt event was feeling like a bit of a drag for a while, but I finished it last night and I was really getting into the TH zone. 3 times last night alone I got 2 vaults in a single map and I was starting to get vaults in less than 60 moves fairly frequently. Picked up a couple hundred seals as well, plus probably close to 100 gems and hundreds of glory just from map rewards. I almost didn’t want to go back to PVP when I finished.

The drop rates on higher-rarity traitstones felt awfully low, though. I only got two Arcanes from all those maps, but with a relatively small sample size, that could swing pretty quickly.

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