Has/was The Dragon Soul been nerfed?

Been playing The Dragon Soul as one of my main players but all of a sudden it’s only doing 8 damage and taking 8 gems when cast when before it was always 11. I’ve always used it without other dragons and this is a big drop.

I haven’t seen anything offering a refund or that it’s had a nerf anywhere so have I missed something?


Mine is still doing 11 with 1 and 20 with 4.


hmmm. I’ve just checked other dragon soul teams and one has destroy 9 gems and on another 8 gems!

This is taken out of different teams, he’s L19 fully traited.

This is because your famine led team gains +1 magic for having 3 mystic troops. Dragon soul explodes one more gem.

Edit: And yes, his card says 8 damage, but if you use it in battle, it should do minimum 11 because he is a dragon and boosts his own spell damage.

It’s always had 8 Damage on the card. Since it is a dragon, it automatically gets 1 x3 boost to do 11 points by itself

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Thanks Brandon & Laenir, I’d missed that. I could have sworn it was stated on the card as 11 before though but after rebooting the game it now is back doing 11 damage again.

@viper_35 did you lose guild task magic bonus?

someetimes you lose guild task rewards before you can finish them again, so the +3 or whatever magic you would have from it is gone until you finish the task again