Dragon's Claw Appears!


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The clouds have parted, revealing Dragon’s Claw! Explore it today!

High in the mountains, between the Blighted Lands, the Forest of Thorns, Khetar, and Grosh-Nak, the Dragon Soul rules a small but ancient kingdom known as Dragon’s Claw. You can now unlock this new kingdom, meet the Dragon Soul himself, and obtain most of its inhabitants from chests (though a couple of the ones you’ll meet in the quest line are coming soon in our Dragon’s Claw event the week of the 26th September).

Dragon’s Claw is currently available only on iOS, Android and Steam versions of the game.

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Finally made a Dragon Kingdom, eh?


Awesome. Something new to get rid of nothing-to-do-ness.



[3019_NAME] on iOS, and no troops available in troop list


Just doing the first one-star challenge, and the Baby Dragon (which had about 4 Life) cast its spell and became this:

Er… @sirrian @nimhain is a level 1 Wyvern supposed to have those stats?


What difficulty were you playing on?
It looks like it’s somehow picked up YOUR wyvern stats, especially since it’s showing as Mythic


I had a Dragon Egg summon a Baby Dragon on death, which had 70hp. Warlord III. Couldn’t have been my troop since I haven’t gotten it yet.


Can a Baby Dragon’s spell transform it into a Dragon Egg or a Baby Dragon?


I believe it can transform into a Dragon Egg or Baby Dragon.

Baby dragon transforms into baby dragon

Just sunk in that we have to wait til the week after next for the Dragon’s Claw event. So sad. These keys are burning a hole in my pocket!!!


Maybe I’m the least lucky player ever, but Dragon’s Sting has cast Deathmark (and only Deathmark) 3/3 times so far.


I was only playing on normal difficulty…


After you are finished Beta testing for console players can you post some of the new troops you unlocked :slight_smile:


Nice! I would love to see (and use!) more dragon teams again.


Something odd about the text boxes on this screenshot?


Somebody able to confirm that troops from Dragon’s Claw already drop from gold/glory/gem chests?


All Dragon’s Claw troops:

Dragon’s Claw, in ascending order of rarity:

Kingdom weapon:

Dragon’s Claw storyline (spoilers!)

Other new troop:


They definitely drop from glory and gem chests, yes. Haven’t tried gold chests.


Yes they are dropping from gold chests too.