Dragon Soul and bordem

Okay this is killing the game for me, already hate fighting the same teams over and over and now with the event being in Dragon’s Claw every team in pvp is the exact same. Not hard to beat just mind numbing tedium over and over.


Well… On the plus side it will only last a week then it will be back to the usual meta

yeah just going to be a guild wars week for me avoid the pvp

Go casual and refresh, I do so to get the Undead teams. They have quite a variety.

Theres no need to avoid pvp brudda… You have two options

  1. Fight fire with fire (use a dragon team of your own)
  2. Build a team with drahon cruncher

Either way should make dragon team defenses easy

:wink: 10chars

Lol thanks bit i just meant they would be so easy they should be quick battles

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By the way, your dragon team is actually my favourite team in the whole game, @Vangor. The one with krystenax, sylvanimora, tds and another krystenax. Fast, brutal and awesome w/l ratio.

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Well… I wouldnt say its my dragon team cuz im sure i didnt originally come up with it but i have been singing its praises for quite some time!

Ppl like to tell me it doesnt work against wisp teams… How do you do against them with it?

By not fighting them at all :smiley: I have a black list of troops I just avoid, currently there are three cards on it - spirit fox, wisp and justice. Whoever sets them as part of his defence, doesn’t get a fight from me.

So I can’t answer your question, sorry :wink:


Good advice with the dragon crusher I also use Tau for a little variety every now and again. Casual give the same gold rewards as the pvp battles? I’ve never actually given it a shot

Wait, you don’t avoid Krakens but you avoid Spirit Fox??

I no longer worry about justice. It’s mab I target with spells now if they’re on the same team.

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Yeah :smiley: I hate the combination of mana drain and empowered, it just annoys me so I choose to boycott it. I avoid Justice because traumas of the past and Wisps because I don’t like that 90% of players set up the same stupid defence as soon as new powerful troop comes out.

Justice will probably leave the blacklist soon because of the nerf, Wisp will be replaced by another meta but Spirit Fox stays there forever :smiley:


Fair enough.
Me, I wish I could avoid Kraken. But I don’t want to spend my gems on it…

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Count you lucky you not fight the same stupid team over and over as PC player. Troll/Krakens/Mab.

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Chocky that is about 60% of the teams I face in PvP add in Wisps to get 95% :wink: on console that is…