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Gibe more transformation troops plez

Hello gems devs, the mechanics of the dragon egg etc is something that would be really cool if it were on more troops from now on, like evolving troops that turn into something else later on… itll be pretty cool if that also involves troops that wont have their own cards. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance.

Oh p.s. could you please increase the personal cap on guildseals… 1500 seals i reach in like 2 days cmon…

Atleast make me able to get double, it also helps smaller guilds … why cater to guilds that already get maximum earnings in the first place breh.


*best gems of war player in the world.

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They used to have troops that did not have their own cards, Spider Swarm. I forget what the issue became, but it was better just to create the troop. Right now, I think the only troop you can get from a summon, but not own, is Evolved Gorgothra.

Seal cap is 100% intentional, just as the guild task caps are, to slow down the most active players and guilds. Even then, Legendary Tasks get completed on a regular basis by top guilds.

Yeah and any guild that doesnt have a full guild of active players will never reach it, im the most active player in my guild, i get 1.5k in 2 days of playing and in total maybe 5 players are somewhat active but didnt reach 1.5k last week. everyone else gets like 100 seals or something lol.

So we struggle to get even to the 8k mark -_-

Now i refuse to kick anyone who doesnt "perform’ cause were not that kind of guild but it rubs the wrong way that guilds that already have max earnings are catered to with such and individuals who play as if they are on fire are punished for just having fun people in the guild without pushing them etc…

Anyway about the summon stuff, the game crashes everytime the cpu uses a summon skill atm so im trying to kill those troops first in the story heh, added challenge i guess.

sounds worth reporting a bug?

I heard more ppl have it so dont think so.

It’s in the 2.1.5 known issues list. For now, it is dangerous to do the Dragon’s Peak quest, challenges and explore as there are baby dragons and dragon eggs everywhere and as soon as they cast, the game crashes. I chugged through the questline to get Visk, but otherwise am staying out of there until this is resolved. It doesn’t affect PVP, so that’s OK.

ouch i hope you guys get the fix soon :s

btw personally i hate transformation % units.

i would give a try to werewolf but he doesnt seem much useful.
perhaps if something more playble but also with a 100% self transform chance showed up i could enjoy it?

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I like the mechanic but we just need better ones like one that switches between two forms everytime it uses its fill/skill (werewolf style)

id be fine even if it transformed only one time but with a 100% chance and into a CERTAIN unit not a random unit (baby dragon im looking at you…)

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I believe it was because they changed summons to have the level and traits of the troop in your collection. If Spider Swarm stayed unobtainable, then he’d always be level 1 and untraited when summoned, which would then make him the absolute worst summon in the game.