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Upcoming issues

Charm is supposed to potentially target two troops.
So why design a troop that can only do half of what the cast can potentially do? It doesn’t even follow Manticore’s lore except for the minor Mana drain.

Next week should be a World Event of some sort.
Are the guild event schedules changing? If so can we get an official announcement before CoB this week? Rather than an auto post announcing it generating mass confusing until a Dev is able to get on the forums.

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The fix for the Manticore cub should be to target the second or third troop.

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*Shuffle the 2nd troop with the 1st, then charm the new 2nd slot.


it’s just a baby manticore, dont require it to use full potential of it’s abilities :wink:


Oh I dunno. He’s charmed me. :heart_eyes:

It’s only a rare, not really intended to see any use methinks.
Maybe it will be able to evolve in battle when new mechanics are introduced?

What an absolute trash troop. To make matters worse, once the second enemy troop is dead, the troop’s charm does nothing, because it will continue to target the first enemy, which has no adjacent troops.

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Indeed, another one to gather moss, fall into the void, take out with the garbage, like about 700 others…

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Pro tip, if you want Manticore Cub to be even more useless, put Sylvanimora on your team.


Agree with all of this. It completely defeats the object of its spell. It may as well be “inflict damage to troop 2 equal to its attack”. At least that way it still does damage after the original troop 2 is dead. I would love to hear some dev design logic about this bad boy. Hilarious.

I see also that we have a bonestorm generator in the new faction which nobody will use and a troop that can potentially summon that self same suicide troop. This will be a nightmare. Thanks a bunch.


Reduce mana cost to 6? Spell makes thematic sense, but yeah, doesn’t seem too effective.

Good against an enemy Mang? But that would be pretty limited since Mang is more often used by the player in Live/scaling events rather than being something players will face. And then yeah, really only useful for killing #2.

So basically everyone is in agreement that the troop is more gimmicky than useful. The designers do realize this is a tactical game right? Not just a “card collector”.


Is pretty good RARE troop compared to overall RARE troops.
Charm (ok half charm) is underrated , drain mana by 3 which could be help and also her third trait is a nice bonus

Every… single…bounty troop is better than Manticrap Cub. Without looking at every single Rare Troop, I have to assume it’s in the bottom half rather than the top half of the rarity.
To think otherwise is just being overly optimistic.

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Yup. We already have a troop that charms a random enemy but at least that gives you a chance of a double damage hit. This one simply does not. Unbelievable finger in the face design protocol.

I bet we get a future useful troop that will summon this idiocy just to make the finger even bigger lol.

Starts empowered as well. And is also base rarity rare or maybe ultra rare?

So much of recent troop releases makes zero sense other than a deliberate intention to frustrate and bewilder the player. At what point was fun removed from this game from a design perspective and for what intent. Tomorrow’s faction looks dodgy for sure. Another classic example that there is no intention to address the abusive nature of factions in general. Quite the opposite in fact. I sincerely believe that the devs despise end gamers because they have to do some work to stay a step or 2 ahead. They don’t care what they release, that much is crystal clear.

I try not to look at faction troops anymore. That way I don’t over think it and get frustrated by the design. I just wait until I get to level 500 and figure it out. Eventually I’ll win. Hopefully I win before I start to think about the moment that they made their focus about being more profitable. They lost sight on what made GoW special in the first place. Fun…long term fun… Not a, hey dump 100 hours into this shooter or RPG and be done with it. But sustainable long term fun. Now we’re just crack addicts chasing what used to be the high. While ignore all our friends that OD. And ignore how much the product changes. “Free games” basically follow the business plan of drug dealers. I figure the crack metaphor isn’t completely out of bounds because of it. :man_shrugging:


4xNocturnia for tomorrow’s FF team. Why bother with one of the other troops?

Fell Dragon Egg is a summoner now