(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

Because he fills an important niche, of scaling up his damage based on the power of his opponents. Under the right conditions only, which have been getting sparser with all the event limitations getting hammered in. But he’s still invaluable whenever you want to mow down level 500 opponents at next to zero risk, like in delves.

Of course, troops like Stellarix have a much broader area of usefulness, which comes with a much bigger price tag.

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You might be confusing it with a different troop then. Gaard’s Avatar is based on his own Armor and has nothing to do with the power of the opponents.


That sounds like Tesla.
I can’t think of any mythic troop that does similar off the top of my head.

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That’s the part about the right conditions, there’s a class weapon that makes it trivial to stack armor to 1000 when going against high level troops. And it even throws in a barrier to help that armor to stay up. :wink:

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That just goes to the power of the Shield of Urskaya and has nothing to do with Gaard’s Avatar being one of the most powerful.

Under the right conditions, Shahbanu Vespera can give her entire team max life, armor, attack and magic. Definitely powerful potential, but no one would consider her one of the most powerful either.

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Oh here we go…



Immoral* huh?

Nice lol. I got to learn something new today. Good use of it, provided they actually change some time down the road…

finally incoming at some point, though im assuming not June since its not on the Calendar. Could be at reset tonight, could be in July or postponed forever, who knows

You mean Karakoth? The Kingdom that is already on PL 30? Whilst many others are not on 20 or 30 yet?

I don’t pick the Kingdoms. Its been sitting there in the background for awhile.

That being said, its good for mid-game players to get a chance to pick up extra pets for the kingdom and it’ll be good for payers to get a large amount of purple books to get said kingdom to KL 20/PL 30.

Legends Reborn doesn’t include new troops or new weapons, so it wouldn’t really help with PL20-30 woes.

Now if this turns out to be a Kingdom Pass:

I still wouldn’t complain about it, as its an opportunity to get purple books to upgrade Magic Kingdoms, which is what a majority of people would rather have over yet another Kingdom level 28 or the likes that they can’t pay for anyways.

Not only that, Karakoth is Power Level 30 with exactly 14 weapons currently, including the paid weapon.

A Kingdom pass would give another “free” weapon so people don’t have to spend $5 on a weapon they’d never use and finally qualify for KP 30 without paying for it.

So yeah Karakoth is still a better choice than most of the other kingdoms.

Like what would you want to see? In most cases, I’d rather have the purple books.


Silverglade would be a better choice for purple - Only on PL 26 at the moment.

Silverglade is due to hit Kingdom Power 29 on 07/19/2024.

Unfortunately, KP 29 is a bounty troop and it already got a 5th Faction troop.

It’ll hit KP 30 if they release a 4th Mythic or whatever this is and whenever this is scheduled would also make it reach KP 30.

Meanwhile, Silverglade already has 17 weapons and 9 pets, so its fine in that regard.

Nothing is scheduled for Karakoth at this time, so getting people a non-paid 14th weapon seems preferable to me. As someone waiting for a 14th weapon for Blackhawk, not having that weapon is annoying as sin.


As someone who has the 14th weapon I don’t care about Karakoth…would prefer Silverglade for more troops…

Or they can just be most generous and schedule BOTH those Kingdoms.

Kingdoms get scheduled in what the devs consider the original release order. Silverglade is still several years away.



I’m curious whether this will be a special troop (like Boss) but with unique upgrades, or if it will apply to old troops (similar to Elite Levels).

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initial tea leaves reading makes it seem it’ll be about as effective as old troops and shiny keys, but its still very early on.

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Mythic to sell the next battle pass

Worse than Takshaka
Worse than Salamandria damage wise, but Salamandria doesn’t steal life
Better than The Gemini

That 3rd trait is horrible and its holding this troop back so badly. Its funny since its an additional effect, but it may as well be nothing.

(Ghost Gems gives 10 souls, acts like a stone block)

It steals life, but Morthani’s Darkness is also Brown, Red and will steal more life overall and isn’t impacted if there is only 1 troop alive.

24 mana to curse and freeze the first 2 troops. A whole lot of meh. If anyone is going to skip buying a battle pass, it’ll probably be this one.


Better than most campaign mythics though, or even regular ones.

The spell is boosted pretty significantly by ghost gems, they get created passively at the start of the turn and are hard to get rid off. For newer players with low stats, this punches way above their usual damage level, and it’s life steal. There’s also Undying and Ice Armor, making this a really good tank. And some freezing that even hits blessed troops, thanks to the curse component of the spell.

Possibly not something that will get used much at endgame level, that’s dominated by a few vastly overpowered troops. It looks really solid though, tanks that also dish out significant damage are rare. I’m sure players still working on their account progress will find it useful.

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My pvp bubble owned by a 1100lvl player who has barely 1k troops total, but he has Stella and thats basically everything player needs for this game.