(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

Thank you Alansirer - sounds like one will have to maintain a certain VP level or rank to be in a certain Alliance…which is probably good so you don’t get a bunch of freeloaders doing nothing in your Alliance, since it says the Alliance may get Perk Gold Marks etc.

Or how do you interpret this?


  1. another purple journey in 7ish days.

gem count buffed by 1…

is that enough? I don’t think so…

new empowered. 15 mana, but no one really cares after it goes off lol. More magic too, because dragons need more juice lol.

I’m guessing Angel gems are good, since otherwise this troop is really bad…

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I’m going to guess that angel gems will bless a random ally when destroyed or matched with yellow gems. So, if u have 4 angel gems on the board, Amatiel would bless the whole team.

It feels like the turquoise emperor with some board clear, but the damage will probably be too low to justify using her. If angel gems gave a ×10 damage boost ratio before she exploded them, it could have made her a little better, but it’s just an idea.

While Guild Wars are hanging in limbo…this looks like the next thing coming.

voting? notification?

Hurray, we can choose the color! This thing is actually reliably good now.

3rd Trait change.

I kinda miss the old 3rd trait, but… we’ll see how it goes


That “old” third trait is a duplicate in everything but name from Leanansidhe. Not that it was overpowered or anything, but somebody in a decision-making capacity might have noticed it and made the change.

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This feels like a mythic made from a dartboard.

Heavy splash damage to 3 random enemies + terror shifting enemies around so things might be moved around between casts and things already being weakened might just run away before a kill, making all of that damage pointless…
Heavy splash damage + bleed mixing regular and true damage
Gain enraged + infernal armor, enrage to a troop that isn’t good for 1st slot
Terror and bleed… it’s like mixing apples and toilet paper together.

… I don’t get it


Might be pretty fun for Urskaya Kingdom events especially. That place really needs some good troops!

If he had true heavy splash damage it would have made his ability have some synergy with bleed. Terror is a fun mechanic I was messing around with while using the midnight queen to complete Underspire, but it can be annoying to wait for enemies to run away.

What if he did double damage while he was enraged or if an enemy died? Or maybe he could create 12 brown gems if an enemy died from his splash damage?

He is a raging, daemon bear, ummm I mean urska after all.:rofl:

I’m more interested in these guys.

What could they be? Another set of troops for the Underspire? (please no)


Either Underspire, or new pvp stuff, or soulforge craftables.

I think it’s too early to tell


more updated info on the guardians: they’re bosses invulnerable with 75% reduction to both spells and skulls and use all colors, 2x (magix+2) dmg to all and some other thing like green to uber doomskull, barrier & bless, armor& life buff, life& attack buff.

less damage than stellarix, but they’re immune to everything and super tanky


Those 4 have to be new npc bosses like the different Ctharrasques and Zuul’Goths…

Seem way too strong defensively to be in players hands as is.

the key to defeating them would have to be enrage + skull damage. or… just… suffer awhile and/or use submerge to dodge damage

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I hope your not gonna need the other guardians to craft them…:disappointed_relieved:

The spoilers say that they’re troop type “Boss”. So that also suggests using Godslayers for the bonus damage.

Since they are a boss troop, I’m going to assume that they are going to require resources to craft, much like Zuul goth, Ctharrasque, and Enraged Kurandara. I hope they don’t add them as a “random” drop in a new pvp mode. Trying to get the Underspire sentinels is already horrible, I mean, “fun” enough as it is…

They will probably require power orbs, but the other resources are a mystery. Maybe the new guardians will require tarot cards like Hatir Ascendant and Skroll Reborn?

They might even add another new resource for us to chase down. These are going to be powerful troops for sure, but they will have to be paid with a price.:money_mouth_face:

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If player-owned, be prepared for nerf whining.


For how much end times the prophesized “Immunity to Frozen” Journey troop is/was supposed to bring, I find both Blue Giants and Giants for comboing just underwhelming. They’ll have a lot of HP/Armor but other than that…

Blue Giants doesn’t look like a fun Journey to me, but I could be wrong. Better than Purple Wargares, worse than Purple Mystics. Low bar… Baldr skulls, The Onyx Giant sketchy alignments, or Vidarr or Kharybdis devour gambling?

edit: a little far in the future, but this is… eheh. bad.

Currently in game, 11 brown nagas + these 2. 3 of them are mythics. Kinda hilariously, Weresnake transforming into a Basilisk will turn it from a Naga into a Monster/Beast, making the Brown Journey troop inefficient.

Algorak the Slayer
Bone Naga
Naga Queen
Royal Assassin
Setauri Gladius