New troop noticed: Bunni'Nog (spoilers)

I just happened to browse the troops I don’t own (Show All, Sort By Amount) and noticed one that was new to me:

Bunni’Nog - Legendary Beast - Pan’s Vale
Spell: Death Awaits - 14 Brown - Deal X[*] damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if the enemy is a Knight. Gain 4 Attack and Life.
Trait1: Allied Beasts gain 2 life.
Trait2: Start battles with 50% mana.
Trait3: Nasty Teeth - Deal 5x Skull damage vs. Knights.

Tribute link: - YouTube

[*] for me, X is 7. Not certain what that translates to in terms of something + magic.

I see it was mentioned in the Burning Man event post, just to say it’s not in chests yet and will be released in a “future event”.

I was wondering what Sirrian meant :

And, yes, it’s obviously a Monthy Python reference :stuck_out_tongue:

Dev thought process: “Hm, we need a hard counter to Knights. What does that bring to mind?”

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It should be the event 2 weeks from now for Easter.

Also, 5x. O_O

Also, I added spoilers to the title of this thread.

For something that’s browseable in game?

Some people don’t like seeing upcoming event troops prior. I was called out for it last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

While we don’t mind you guys talking about new stuff you’ve seen, we ask that you put spoiler warnings so people know that the information may spoil a future troops/ weapon/ etc.


Okay will do. I had thought that line would be drawn at something not yet viewable in-game. However now I get that we are respecting the preferences of people who are refraining from looking at that entry in their current troop list until its event occurs – which is fine with me. :slight_smile:

I guess Knight Coronet now deserves an Arch Nemesis with his recent changes. :wink:


That is just a bit of an excessive jump. There isn’t a single troop with 4x skull damage. This troop just skips right to 5x. That is essentially one shot to every knight other than Knight Coronet, who will be 1-2 shots with stoneskin. It will be scary if every troop type eventually has a 5x skull damage counter.

Worth keeping in mind that it’s a 3rd trait on a Legendary – very time consuming to get and with big opportunity costs.

Hard counters are only efficient to play on defense if the meta is utterly dominated by their target. On attack, they’re a reward for Scouting and encourage people to change up teams – seems good for the game overall as long as it’s just one factor of many.


Will no one mention that Bunni’Nog is the first mono colour legendary aside from Hero and Imps?

I wonder what the knights did to that poor bunny.

They invaded his home!


I’m so glad the haters haven’t discouraged you from your GIF-only ways.



And the new weapon for Easter is…

drums rolling…


100% Instant kill against bunnies :smiley:


Multiplied by 15% chance for reading and executing the instructions correctly. :imp:

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