(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

I suspect it might rather be the main gimmick of the Mydnight kingdom, so half of the troops will have it tacked on in some way.

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i fear you are right - all dreams shattered, lol

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fun times ahead, sigh

if that hourglass falls from the sky, this may be the time to focus on PF delves


We’ve skipped Yellow and gone back to Green. It seems like we are getting one for most kingdom/troop types if they’re skipping Yellow. That’s about 2 1/2 - 3 years? where they’re not going to think about how Journey functions.

As for Green… I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with Green for Centaurs. It made sense as Yellow, but Green?

Now that traits are set in place, definitely time to panic. Mirrored Halls does not need 2 troops with the same exact spell, especially when the troop wasn’t that important the first time around.

Come on design team…

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I’m 99% sure, there will be yellow for Stryx this next campaign even.
Then we’ll see at least one color per other troop types.

If the Powers That Be are going to insist on beating this particular troop paradigm to death, could we at least get gem generation in a color that doesn’t allow the troop to endlessly self-loop? It wouldn’t inhibit the issue entirely, but it would slow things down if these troops simply filled other stuff instead of themselves. There are four other colors beyond the two that each of these troops possess; how hard can it be to pick one of those colors – preferably one that’s “less native” to the troop type to begin with – and oblige a little more creativity when it comes to team construction and synergy?

Heck, if one wanted to promote more creativity, they could pick the color that’s least present amongst the troop type. Say something like Purple for these Centaurs.


This isn’t the first time or first troop for which the early spoilers have looked like this. And this particular example has been sitting in the spoiler pages for many months.

I’m 98% confident that it’s a “placeholder” spell and nothing more; when we get close enough to the troop’s release for stats to be better filled in, there’s a pretty good chance that said spell will change and we’ll see what it really is. (I’d be more confident, but we’ve seen enough snafus with the Powers That Be to erode any perfect confidence I might ever have had.)


That looks like a straight up cut and paste error… we can only hope!

You are aware that not excessively looping docks you up to a third of the points each fight is worth, right? Fights that take longer than 10 turns gradually decrease your score. What you are proposing will require players to purchase extra shop tiers to compensate, Journey is already one of the most expensive events.


Wait, I thought the Journey battle length deduction was coded the same way Guild Wars is - extra turns/looping DO count towards the penalty, which starts at 30(?) turns.

I played through t4 last week and got full points for every battle with <30 looped turns, so I actually can’t say either way.

The first Journey incorrectly counted moves instead of turns, which got fixed. You lose 1 point each turn from 11 to 20, before the Journey Captain multiplier gets applied, so at turn 20 you’ll be short 10 x 3 = 30 points.


New mythic info looks cool. Always a fan of true damage, and there’s plenty of elemental troops in broken spire that can help make Burning Gems or just get loops going for her, that’s she’s also likely to be able to refill herself.


I have no idea how much of this is PvP, but PvP expansion? Treasure Hunters still waiting for their day. :sweat_smile:


Mythic is already adjusted lol.

Went from base magic with +8 per burning gem exploded
Magic x 1.5 with +5 per burning gem.

Seems good still.

Looks like there’s been a damage adjustment. I’m glad, I wasn’t a fan of all of the little things that won’t make it work.

Fundamental flaw: “Explode all Burning Gems” … so using the standard troops that people love to use like Thrall and Leprechaun will just wipe the board of all Burning Gems, wiping out the boost ratio. You’d be stuck relying on 4/5 matches to spawn in any burning gems and that’s not consistent at all. There’s a few troops that make burning gems as a gem conversion, but those are some very narrow amount of troops for what amounts to (true) damage to the first 2 enemies. It’s not like Flames of Anu is all that popular.

That 3rd trait… I would have to try it in-game. I’m not entirely sold on it.

Oh, I don’t expect it to become any crazy meta troop that ruins PvP, I see it as Aquaticus/Infernus adjacent, where it does okay-ish damage (gets some slight bonus points for being True damage), with some added board control (which Flame of Anu completely lacks). Though that control loses bonus points for there naturally being less burning gems on the board.

But I definitely like to see options like this for some scenarios, like events limited to Broken Spire or Naga troops. I won’t use it a ton, but it’s miles better than a lot of the lower tier mythics we’ve seen in the last year or so

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Pvp shop ughhhh.


That’s actually kinda insane. and also a little silly. You freeze them with the Freeze Gems and they’ll just take the Hourglass Gem to avoid the freeze.

It doesn’t matter though, since mid-late game exploder/gem destroyers + this troop = infinite extra turns, until you cast something else.

This one is a also a little weird. It makes freeze gems, but freeze doesn’t work against Towers.

Finally changed. It’s actually pretty good now, one of the better new delve troops. Impervious + Armored, Armor + Life gain and light mana generation with Destroy a column. No color conflict with The Mirror Queen. Might be a bit of a problem if it gets copied by an enemy Copycat, but we’ll see…