(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

Never underestimate the ability of the developers to (fork) things up.

The Nerf from 5-10 mana to 3-10 mana hurts this troop a lot. I dont feel like using it anymore.

It gained +4 base damage.

New 3rd trait is interesting, but part of me wonders if using Wand of Stars is still easier.

My thoughts on it being a 24 mana troop still holds, especially now with the decreased mana bonus to other troops.

P.S. Hi designers, I know no one reads this so I could say whatever I want but if you would like to slip in a new Blackhawk (besides the one in spoilers) or a new Karakoth weapon, that’d be swell. Get those kingdoms past that 14 weapon barrier that basically every other kingdom has or is in progress.


Oh yeah, that too.

If that

still holds true, then any Blue to Yellow 3 match will lead to an extra turn and enchant all allies from the 3rd trait. (on top of 4/5 matches). 3rd trait technically is stronger than Mistralus’s 3rd trait if it works as advertised and isn’t just a misworded Mistralus 3rd trait. I guess the opposite holds: no alignment of any kind and those many extra turns are going to the AI.

Part of me thinks… are we powercreeping Mistralus? and the other part of me thinks yeah, but it’s Green/Red/Purple (and not Brown/Yellow/Blue)

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A couple of thoughts on other upcoming troops:

The next Siegebreaker (Bone Catapult / Ghulvania) has two Troop types – Undead and Construct. Which hasn’t been a thing since the very, very early Siegebreakers, when the Developers put a stop to that because of how certain Invasion events permitted the use of multiple Siegebreakers to trivialize them.

I don’t know if this is an oversight that needs correcting in the next few weeks, or if it’s a change in policy now that we have “Event Captains”. But some clarification would be appreciated.

The new delve troop for Friday? It seems to me that it’s the rare troop that actually makes sense within the context of a pure faction team. So kudos to the developers on this one, even if it’s a case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn. I feel the spell is useful for the rest of the team, and the Merchant trait is good gravy.

The only problem with the Fence is his colors. City of Thieves already has a Blue/Brown troop, so this is duplicative. I can understand not wanting to make one of his colors Purple because of some (IMO, irrational) fear that he’ll fill and loop himself, but there are unused alternatives available within the color restrictions of the delve team. Blue/Red maybe?

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Now that they have that double score/double magic thing for event captains, people are forced strongly encouraged to buy the new one even if old ones are available. I guess that would loosen any of the troop restrictions on new troops. It’s a guess, because they could just be overlooking yet another thing.

As for Fence, Blue/Green would probably be the best case scenario for non-overlap/viable colors. Anything on the Purple side would just make it harder to fill with King of Thieves in front of it.


Faction of Mydnight looks like old circus theme:
Fire Juggler - Epic
Monsterous Lion - Rare
Ringmaster - Legendary
Strong-Man - Ultra-Rare

Cant wait to see the graphic art

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I’m expecting a lot because what we can already see from the kingdom is quite nice.

Hope the art at least won’t let me down. :wink:

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Yep, and the placeholder name for weapon is Nightmare Circus. I wish they will just keep that. :grin:

On the other news, next update is called Hidden Treasure, with a focus on Treasure Guardian in Underspire, based on one of the achievement.

Let’s see what it give! It’s probably similar to Deep Delve’s Treasure room, or something new like mentioned Marid’s Lucky Lamp and Harper’s Magical Menagerie.

And finally…


Looks like Gem Dragon Egg crafting RNG will start over again, with Cosmic Egg this time.

They’re all space themed. If we go by previous set, 6 dragons available from the egg, each half required to craft 2 new Legendary weapons, Whitehelm’s Sun Sword and Maugrim Woods’ Moon Staff. They can be combined to craft a polearm Mythic weapon, and that weapon will be required to craft the final Star Dragon from Vulpacea.

Let’s see if it’s all luck based again, or there will be a system to help preventing duplicate. I don’t think they will be a new resources, but Dragonites will be use for this again, that might why more of them are being handed out in advanced stage reward right now.


really? You have ‘or’ there?

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Also Judgment (tarot) and Guardian of Storm Throne (mythic) are from Wild Plains. The next campaign after the one about Mydnight / Time Theme campaign ?

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Maybe when the 2nd set of dragon is released, they’ll release targeted crafting for the gem dragons.
Either way, I’m not looking forward to more of them if it requires dragonite😨.

atm I just hope they won’t share eggs at least, so it won’t be doubled random. That’s basically enough to ask from them

It’s very likely won’t, that’s why there are 2 different eggs graphic. And lore wise, it doesn’t make sense for space dragon to be hatched from Gem Dragon Egg, the same in reversed case.

And we got the name already! It’s The Labrynithin Tablet.

Also, upcoming new heroic gems.


Hourglass gem, which give extra turn, will be yellow. While the other is likely Stunning Gem, a brown heroic like Cursed Gem.

Mydnight will have Hourglass gem as Campaign Heroic for sure, but let’s see what it will be for Labrynithin Campaign. Unreleased Barrier Gem is still in the pipeline as well.

Extra turn gem is going to be hugely game-changing. Maybe not quite as game-changing as Elementalist was, but on the same level as the Chalcedony chaos, if not worse.

I find myself disliking infinite extra turns more and more.


the art graphic of Ringmaster is pretty cool wow


New status effect coming up. Apparently the designer behind Lycanthropy got a second chance and exceeded expectations. :roll_eyes:


Interesting way to nerf Essence of Evil and Trick or Treat, the crippled front troop may now make room for something dangerous.


Imagine, the troop that makes a Lycanthropy Gem each turn is not immune to Lycanthropy.

… what’s the point?


The really funny part is, it’s the featured holiday event troop players are expected to pay for in some way. And then they tack on a trait that automatically creates the one heroic gem designed to exclusively hurt the player, no matter if the player or the AI matches it.


i’m ok to see a new status effect.
is similar to deathmark but with change like only the last spot trigger and no chance to resurrect since you run and not die. Troops cant trigger traits belong to ally death

and this is maybe the troop for it (bounty captain)