(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

They also improved the first option from ordinary damage to True Damage.


You know, I actually didn’t notice that. that’s pretty nice. I still want it to be 2 mana cheaper, but it is looking a little better by the moment.

I still don’t know how I feel about splitting the damage in a 3/1 format, but… … maybe it plays better than I’m hoping? It is stronger than some of the Astrological sign Mythics, but that’s not saying much.

In the strangest power creep yet, the new “Chalcedony” also gets to summon. It creates a Dragon and not a Knight, but it’s still an extra effect.

So… what to do with Blue Knights combination?

… there isn’t much, but the things that are available are a little dangerous.

War + Extra Turn
Rope Dart + Extra Turn
Tourmaline + Gargoyle Gem spawns
Sir Snothelm status effects + Extra Turn

If you’re willing to turn drop, then Guardian of Law, Champion of Anu, Queen Ysabelle, NUTCRKR-1225 are troops. Vanguard is a decent blue troop that creates yellow gems from spare blue gems.

There are 2 Knights that are empowered, but both convert into Purple Gems. I don’t know what you’d do with that here.

Oh no…

More Doomed Dragons on the horizon that’ll require Dragonite. As if Diamantina wasn’t enough of a headache to craft already. The least the devs could do is implement a pity system in the dungeon ie. trigger one trap, get half the Dragonite you normally would.


And how about being able to target a specific dragon?! Not only if the old ones.

The double layer rng is so frustrating.


Those Space Dragons list rarity as Mythic. Would it list as Boss if they were similar to the Gem Dragons?

Gem dragons are mythic base rarity too. Their troop type is Dragon/Boss.

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They are only mythics in the same way that Zuul counts as a mythic in Karakoth - counts as a kingdom troop. Ah, I get what you mean, I think? - same base rarity as mythics for troop leveling. But boss typing means they can be targeted by boss killer troops. And you have to work a bit harder to get them. :frowning: I am so not down for more soulforge roulette.

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Me neither. And there are so many people who don’t even have the original dragons yet…


Maybe are way different story instead Dragonite…

We can only hope :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully not another totally different currency (and roulette).

Celestial Dragonite on it’s way!!!

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Why not ?
Its equal for everyone a new currency.
Put Dragonite as crafting material for these hypotetical dragons, would set revolt between users dont have enough dragonite to finish actual set and whose already have diamantina or more copies of she (is a female right ?)

I agree with you, a ROULETTE or scratch and win, is trying method to exasperate people once again

I chuckled when I saw this:

Resource Wallet

Wonder what this will look like :sweat_smile:

Because adding new currency after new currency is only giving us even more “rewards” that aren’t actually rewards anymore.

Cursed runes? Yeah, I don’t use them anymore because I can’t get the other resources fast enough. War coins? We get a new war band on a blue moon. Souls? I got millions. Traitstones? Chaos shards? Ingots?

And never ever will this game be fair and equal for everyone. Not going to happen.

Also, let’s say we get “celestialite” - hiw do we earn that? Dungeons gives dragonite so should that be added or should it replace that? Do we all need to start at dungeon level 1 again? Or will we get an extra mode/dungeon for “celestialite”?

Some may revolt if new dragons get added that cost dragonite. But I doubt “celestialite” would lead to fewer revolts.

And let’s not even think about another egg roulette. There the least thing anyone wants, I’m sure.

(Yeah, I think Diamantina is female. Not sure, some of the gem dragons are, and the name sounds female.)

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That is… Surely something… :sweat_smile:

Oh boy…


What could possibly go wrong…