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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

Nope, three days, till sunday, not monday.
Maybe new schedule type, maybe just typo.

Thank god we are going to complete underworld “soon”.

The event is listed as starting Thursday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 4 days. The devs also did this in the past when they added Epic Vault keys previously, so a 4 day Vault Event can definitely happen.

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Ah, always thought spoiler counts half days. Automated viewing since nothing changed in the schedules since ages…

But i would let the gnome weekend (maybe one bonus day more) go, just not to have a three event weekend later.

Gotcha. Juggling multiple events can for sure be stressful.

Also, speaking of juicy new info dropped, it looks like they’ve filled out some of the spells and traits for upcoming mythics. In particular, I’m seeing Fountain of Stars:

This seems like the inverse of The Maraji Queen in that it’s a double converter (granted skulls and not Doom Skulls) that Blesses instead of Curses, had solid skull reduction, and does some additional Fey cleansing stuff. Not digging the mana cost, but I think bless on purple while also generating purple potions seems pretty solid.

That’s the next Campaign mythic, and its info went up on the 4th, but nobody seemed to notice or care lol.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Potion Gems are the new “Heroic Gem” that gives bonus Mana when matched, right? So all you’d need is a hero weapon or generator troop that fills this mythic quickly, and then you’d basically get 50+ purple mana instantly, if the potion effect can stack (and obviously if you cast it on a favourable board), which would fill two purple Mythics. And if one is something like Weaver, you might be able to loop fill this mythic right after. Could be useful.

This patch seemed to be more about bringing new art, than new spells and traits. Though the Pan’s Vale epic looks really good. Armored/Eagle Eye, with a spell that steals attack and converts to life

I saw a new background in the game: a tavern with some concert (“Mana Surge” playing very possibly). But I cannot find it in “GoW Game Graphics - Backgrounds”. Can it be extracted from game files like all other pictures?

The new art is pretty rad. I will say though that I laughed pretty hard at The Star card. It’s a nude bunny lady pouring water into a pond. As I’m not very into tarot cards, I’m sure I’m missing some of the symbolism there…

The bunny ears are perhaps for theme reasons (Bright Forest) but if you google “tarot star”, you’ll see that a woman pouring water is the typical representation. Don’t have the foggiest why though.

I figured it was a GoW flavoring for the traditional tarot art. I just think it’s fairly amusing to sub in a Lapina. :laughing:

So on Monday we get 2 new troops, an epic and an UR. Will they both be in the shop to buy with glory or…

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One of them from the event shop, most likely, old school style.


My gut feeling says that one will be a glory troop, the other in world event shop tiers.


I believe the other (Epic) will be available through Adventure Board.

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Todays “news” section shows “Meira Dawn” on the world event graphic. She is probably the “Shop-weekly troop (glory)” and “Crimson Agent” will be the “Weekly event shop troop (gem)”.

Is it me or does Astral Mother just feel like a weaker (nearly useless) version of Astral Spirit? not feelin’ it

Part of what made Astral Spirit useable is the Empowered to remove a gem color to play defense on turn 1. By the time you fill 24 mana for the Astral Mother, you likely dont need the remove all gems (its not destroy). Its also True Scatter Damage, which is a whole lot of meh for damage.

The damage potential for the Astral Mother is pretty high, much higher than anything you’re going to get with the Astral Spirit. You also have the ability to damage/kill multiple units at one time.

Put those two together and that’s probably the selling point(s) that the developers have in mind for the Mother. If the Spirit weren’t Empowered, this probably wouldn’t even be much of a debate. But the Spirit is probably the better choice until you get an enemy team down to two units.

Astral Mother will probably clock in at around 100 total true scatter, give or take.
Astral Spirit clocks in at around 58 true to 1st enemy, give or take.
Both remove gems of any color.
Spirit is faster & easily filled. Mother is more flexible in damage.
There just is’nt many scenarios where Mother is better than Spirit.

Just use queen bee? Unless I’m thinking of the wedding troop, then ignore pls.

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So let’s say she has 50 Magic (medals included), and she removes 10 gems of a color. That’s 50+50+10 = 110 scatter damage, but the boosted range is going to vary, could be as low as like 5 gems (25 damage) up to 15-20 gems (75-100 damage). That would put her scatter damage range at a low end of 85 with 5 gems removed and 160 with 20 gems removed.

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