So I leveled up Purple Mastery just now


I got the Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands Weapons: Dust and Sand & Burning Scythe (not useable)

Zhul’Kari now is a Magic Kingdom.

Can’t apply Traits.

Ifrit bundle in shop.

Zhul’Kari is an attack kingdom. It didn’t become a magic kingdom until 1.09 on PC, to which that means, it should be updated once our next patch hits.

(Btw, what is your Purple Mastery level for your Hero now?)

Well I can’t trait my Troops and there is an Ifrit bundle beside the Swamplash bundle in the shop.

I closed the game. Patch stuff is trickling in, I don’t want to mess up my data

Same for me just got same weapon and now zul karl is magic and the kingdom bonus not working all attack dropped by 2

Patch is kicking in now? Lol, irony.

Guess my thing I was just working on will be for the next one, though I guess I should check to see if the information is still valid…

Edit: I’m guessing this may be server side stuff since no patch downloaded but Zhul’Kari is definitely magic now and Spider Swarm is counting for the kingdom power.

We got a little update like we did before the last patch.

Remember that economic shift?

Well… my bugs are still there (both of them).

Time to open a new thread.

My attack kingdom bonus not working anymore anyone else?

Kingdoms were adjusted. I know Zhul’Kari was attack, it’s now Magic. I don’t know what other ones were, though seeing as there are only 3 attack kingdoms on PC, I’m sure one of the other ones became life or armor.

So, it’s working as intended.

Has anyone bought the Ifrit yet? I just got a Hero weapon with knock back, now I can’t find it.

Not for me cause i got 3 att kingdom and they Not apply on my troop

Only troop bonus working for me

Which troop? Cause I’m looking at mine and happened to have been working on something else before these changes kicked in and had written down the stat breakdowns and it changed in the middle of that so I see the following:

Attack -2
Armor +2
Magic +1
Health -1

And my troop stats matches that from before and after.

Try quitting the game and going back in and seeing if it makes a difference.

I also wouldn’t buy Ifrit yet cause it’s not in the troop list if you “Show All”.

I bought the Ifrit for 400 Glory, can not find it… maybe next month? I couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

Probably. I don’t think all the information for Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands are in there yet and the things that are there that are showing probably shouldn’t be.

I closed and restarted console and its the same i got the Herdmaster 21 att and supposed to get +3 in first position so mean att 24 but the +2 att from kingdom bonus is not working

Probably unrelated but I tried twice to trait soothsayer and both times it froze the game.

If Herdmaster is showing 21, then the attack bonus is already factored in so he should only go up to 24 if you have the 2nd trait in there. He’s only supposed to have 18 Attack at most at level 20.

Oh i see thanks still suck i was 26 before this update lol

That’s level 20 with level 10 kingdoms? I’m nowhere near that :,(