Zhul'Kari power level 5 doesn't unlocked (Not a bug)

Zhul’Kari - Kindom - Power. Task to unlock level 5 - Collect a Legendary troop from Zhul’Kari. I have Legendary troop - Night Terror, but level doesn’t unlocked.

Need a base rarity legendary, not a ascended one.

You need either the widow queen, the webspinner or aracne weaver (tbh not sure if there’s more, cant check base rarity of ascended stuff lol).

Thank you (crying).

yes lol, i am kinda on same boat on many kingdoms, need myths i dont have, or class that dont exist or number of troops that kingdoms still cant reach, end of story only 2 of my kingdoms are 10 or more stars (could craft Gard this week and take whitehelm to 10+ but can live without Gard and +1 armor, dont wanna craft him then cry a river if next week there’s a lot more useful myth in the forge hehe).

Hey @Clition, sorry you experienced this :frowning: I’ve passed this issue onto the team as it’s something that could be made clearer. Best of luck with future tasks.