Powering city not working (Not a bug)

Mobile, LG S5, Android,

Silverglade -> powering up city: there is a task collect a legendary troop from Silverglade
this task is not completed even I do have: legendary Elven Bard, legendary Silver Dragon

similar issues I do have in more cities like collect epic troops but I do have plenty of them and the task is not finished. Do I miss anything here?

Zhul’Kari: collect 2 legendary troops - the progress is 1/2
legendary troops I do have: Dark Maiden, Night terror, Reaver, Spider Knght, Spider swarm, The widow Queen

Isn’t there a bug in the mass accession feature? the ‘>>>’ icon in the top troops menu ?

You must own a base legendary troop (or whatever rarity it calls for) for it to count @lum. I’ve seen many people get confused by this before, hopefully the devs will revise what it currently says to avoid this in the future.


What @Macawi said. Wording is not the best thing here (within the game, I mean).

You must have either Krystenax or Willow for Silverglade (I can’t remember for sure if getting a kingdom mythic (Queen Aurora) counted as having legendary troop or not); also both Webspinner and The Widow Queen for Zhul’Kari.

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Ok thx - can I somehow find out which troops are ‘basic’?
You know this is really stupid - in case I do have accession orb I do not know to which troop I should use it… :frowning:

Yes, Mythic counts as a Legendary. So the correct wording must be “Collect a base Legendary (or higher) troop”.

Base rarity is shown with colored diamonds in the top left corner: count “sparkling” diamonds: 1 is for Common, 2 is for Rare, …, 6 is for Mythic.


Or you can sort troops after kingdom (Silverglade) and base rarity.
If you don’t own a legendary or mythic, the highest base rarity will be ultra rare.
Same for unowned troops, sort by kingdom and base rarity.

Yes, what @Nullings said.There is another way to tell that I know of; you could enter your ‘Troops’ tab, click on any troop/upgrade/disenchant and the base rarity will be listed.

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It says in ascend screen as well, like need X or Y copies to next rarity, and in the lower corner says base rarity : X.

Lyya’s site might be useful for you as well @lum : http://gowdb.com/trooptable
I know these things can be a little confusing at first, but you will quickly get the hang of it. :slight_smile:
And by all means; if you ever have a question about something, don’t hesitate to ask. There are plenty of active forum goers who would be more than happy to oblige.

Thx all of you guys! Now I became gems of war master :))))


I’m glad everyone was able to help you over the weekend! I’ve made a note of this for the team to see if it’s something that can be improved :slight_smile:

well maybe there is an explanation once you start the game the very first time but there are so many information that this one I just miss…

The quickest solution might be to make the task clear, too. I’ll let them sort it out. I’m sorry you experienced this, feel free to reach out if you need anything else.