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I’m new here so sorry if this should be posted somewhere in particular. I wanted to upgrade Broken Spire to Power Level 5 which required me to collect a legendary troop. I spent a long time collecting Fortress Gates in order to ascend it to Legendary, however I’ve just done this and it didn’t affect the power level! Does it mean I literally have to collect it?

You have to get a base Legendary, not upgrade a card to Legendary. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of them eventually!


you will need a base legendary troop…which as far as I know does exist (Sheggra and Gog and Gud are legendaries)…

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Not that it’s likely to help you much, the requirement is actually to collect a base legendary or better troop. So if you manage to pull Infernus, that will work too.

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As others have said, it needs to be a base legendary troop. If you go to the ‘troops’ tab, filter by ‘kingdom’ (in this case Broken Spire), then filter by ‘base rarity’ and then ‘unowned’ you should be able to see the relevant troops that you need.

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Oh no that’s really annoying, I very rarely get legendaries as it is. Thank you for all your replies :slight_smile:

Although a bit off topic, you need to be in an active guild, you will process much more quickly that way.
A good guild will not ask for gold contributions until all your kingdoms are levelled.
Don’t join a random guild, check for posts on here or jump into global chat

…or join a good random guild:yum: