Newbie guides and getting troops from a kingdom

Are there up to date newbie guides (no videos please) anywhere? Something that explains all the game modes and how the magic stat works (esp weapons) and such?

And is there any way to get troops from a specific kingdom? The adventure task is asking me to get Broken Spire to power 1, but my only troop is Luther. Can you get troops from Expore mode? Or should I just grind Arena for keys?

Check this out

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With the exception of some quest rewards and event releases, all troops in this game are gacha luck. You can’t do anything to get Broken Spire troops preferentially unless it’s specifically a Broken Spire event week. In that case, Event Keys will only drop Broken Spire troops. But that task is a very poor use of event keys.

Grind Arena for keys. IMO it’s still the best payoff at low levels.

You might be able to get some from soulforge with some summoning stone as well

Rhynax and obsidian golem can be dropped from a brown summoning stone this week

Thanks for the replies!

Is there a more detailed explanation for weapons? Do their kingdom or magic values do anything? It bothers me that I can’t see any pattern in which weapons have 4 magic versus 3. (Or why anyone would use Knight’s Sword when you start with Heroes.)

What’s the best use for glory? I just had 1000 drop at once, and I already bought one of this week’s new troops. Is there something else I should save them for, or just grab some chests?

Are there any casual guilds that would be interested in me? There seems to be a lot of the game you can’t access without being in a guild, but I don’t like socializing or competing against other players. Should I start a guild just for myself?

Personally i would advise against using glory for chests (but that’s completely personal)
I only use glory for buying the new troop each week, and make use of the Arcane Traitstones that come with it to trait other (legendary or higher) troops i already own.
Then again, glory chests have a better drop table then gold keys so it makes them more interesting, but in contradiction to that, a decent/good guild provides a ton of glory keys each week.

Wich brings me to this. Creating a guild for yourself is possible, but perhaps not really as good as it would seem. In relation to my previous statement you can get tons of glory keys from a guild, but that requires the entire guild (wether it be 1 person or 30) to invest several tons of gold into the tasks that give out keys as rewards.

The first priority of gold for any new player should be leveing up all the kingdom to level 10 to get that passive stat bonusses. This can take up quite some time and i believe over a million gold… (NOTE: alot of casual guilds don’t demand gold tribute into tasks if the player in question hasn’t levelled all his kingdoms yet) After that tedious grind, gold is either spent in a guild task or in delves.

To return to the part about guild, the tasks are reset weekly and are therefor very very very tedious to complete when you are a 1-person-guild. It requires insane playtime to collect enough gold for completing all tasks (or even 1 by yourself for that matter).

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