Which Legendary Troop should I ascend to Mythic? (Orb of Ascension)

I am currently Level 354 and solely using Titan class Level 91. I have only 4 Mythic Troops, (Scorpius, Shade of Zorn, War, and Yasmines Chosen). I have a decent amount of Legendary Troops and just realized I have an Orb of Ascension as well as a Major Orb of Ascension. Should I use these to ascend a troop? If so, which troops, based off my level, class, and current mythics should I ascend? I have heard to hold off and use them for Guardian Troops so that Guild chests drop other mythics, but honestly not sure I want to wait that long. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y’all.

Personally I recommend saving your orbs of ascension because of how rare they are especially if you want to craft Zuulgoth someday.

Eventually you will get more copies of legends and then you will think why did I ascend this troop now they I have extra copies.


I used 3 orb of ascension to unlock dragon eye weapon, and boy did I regret that when it finally got nerfed. As advised above, I fully recommend do not use orb of ascension unless you really, really, really need to, out of all the orbs they are as rare as rocking horse do do.

If you haven’t got all the guild guardians to mythic +4 copies i would recommend using it on them when they become legendary rarity.
This helps to increase the quality of your guild chests significantly.

If they are at mythic i would recommend using then on the guild war reward troops, bounty captain (release week bounty troop) when you don’t have sufficient gems to buy up to mythic tier or save them for the power orbs.

Thank you guys for the help. I will probably hold off using them now but if you had to choose a troop to ascend is there one that sticks out?

When you say all Guardian Troops to Mythic plus 4 copies do you mean 4 more Mythic?

It means you need 4 copies of each of the 6 Guardian (Justice/Courage/Honor/Humility/Loyalty/ Sacrifice) all ascended to Mythic. Then you’ll stop seeing them in the Guild chests.

If you have 1 not upgraded to Mythic, or don’t have 4 of one of them, 50% of your drops will still be Guardians (including ones you already ascended to Mythic and have 4 copies of). It’s all or nothing.

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Here’s an extract from a guide i created for our new starting guild members.
It highlights the importance of why you should ascend your guardians and how this impacts your chest drops.
In essence, with the guardians still in the pool, you are diluting the drop rate of rare troops significantly and this is why it’s advised to get them to mythic.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the help. Just looked at where my current guardian situation is at and looks like I will have to be patient and wait for more troops. Currently dont have any legendary guardians. Appreciate the tips.

If you have base legendary troops Gorgotha or Emporer Khorvash they are in the top tier of legendary troops so might be worthwhile imo

I have occasionally used ascension orbs in events like raid when i was about your level to Maximise slayer damage because I didn’t have gems to spare. I stopped using ascensions soon after, certainly by Level 500. I won’t even consider using a blue orb until zuul is crafted (2 more needed) because there’s no real point boosting troops that you get in chests. The difference between legendary yao and mythic yao isn’t worth the orb. I would save them big time. You’ve already got 4 mythics; most old school players would only have 1 or 2 by level 1000. Use orange orbs occasionally by all means.


This may seem crazy, but I sometimes use ascension orbs in events to save gems, and earlier used them on my legendary guild guardians. I don’t foresee the enjoyment I might possibly get out of obtaining Zu’ul being equal to the enjoyment I get out of using the orbs when I feel like it.