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(Not a bug) Kingdom Power Level glitch

I’m at Power Level 4 in Drifting Sands, and just upgraded my ROC to Legendary, to complete that task and move up to Level 5, but the game isn’t recognizing my troop as Legendary and tells me I still need a Legendary troop.



base legendary


You need one of these 2 troops.


Understood. But maybe that should be explained by the game? If I’m grinding and collecting gold to upgrade Common troops to Legendary, but the only way to actually ascend is to get lucky enough to grab a Legendary or Mythic base card, it is less about playing the game and more about buying/getting really lucky.

I’m a VIP 8. I’ve spent a few bucks on this game, no complaints. But it would be nice to be able to power up my Kingdoms without waiting forever to get a hard-to-find card.

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This topic ha been on the forums in the past and the dev’s replied they thought it was somewhat self-explanatory……

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It’s very easy for the creator to assume–and I’m speaking as someone who creates media–that the intent will be conveyed to the end user.

Often this isn’t the case. Lots of intent slips through the cracks.

When the Power Level asks for a Legendary card to ascend, and I have a Legendary card, I assumed I would ascend. I actually went through the trouble to create a forum account to find answers, which I hadn’t needed to do even though I’ve managed to level up to 650 without any pressing questions.

So, assuming that I’m not a n00b or intoxicated or on the wrong end of the bell curve when it comes to smarts, this is a problem with either the game, or the wording used to describe the achievement.

I’ll opine that it’s both. A Legendary should be a Legendary, regardless of base. And if “base” is the defining factor, call it “base.” The requirement states “Collect A Legendary troop from Drifting Sands.” As stated, I’ve completed that objective, unless we want to argue over the definition of “collect.”

But if this comes down to semantics, it’s still a fault of the dev. It’s their job to make the end user understand what is required.

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As with everything what is very clear to one person can be confusing for somebody else. I think everybody has some of those moments in his field of expertise… Whatever this expertise is. There is a name for it: “professional blindness”
So it is always very easy to throw a stone……
This being said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with you up to a certain level.


Hey this is working as intended, I’ll pass on feedback that the description should be more clear.

If you’d like to continue discussing this please move the conversation to the Feedback section of the forum.

Thank you!

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You might have it show the grayed out troop when you click the arrow, that would show which troops qualify.