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How to obtain all troops from kingdom

Hi, I have been wondering - when I want to increase the kingdom power (which is calculated based on number of troops from that kingdom, levels etc.) how do I obtain specific troops that I’m missing? For example Broken Spire has 8 troops (list of troops), I miss Stone Giant, Terraxis and Sheggra. Is there any way to obtain them? I have completed the quest line in that kingdom and all challenges…

Randomly through chests, or you can home in on them via event chests - but those will only work during a week with a Broken Spire event, which is also fairly random.

Its not easy.

If you’re just starting, try to get yourself into a guild (or possibly a better one if you’re in one already). Guild tasks get tons of resources.

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Thanks for a quick reply! Although it’s not an answer I was hoping for… :smiley:

Haha unfortunately the answer you’re looking for doesn’t exist. The answer that’s been given is the only way

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yeah stone giant and terraxis will probably be the easiest to get, based on chests. (with a guild giving tons of keys) I’ve been playing almost a year and still haven’t got Sheggra. Of course there’s no way to know which will drop for you first since it’s all RANDOM.