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Power level is bugging

Hello I was sent here Gem of wars support site to solve a problem about a kingdom.
The other day I tried to reach level 2 by unlocking a trait on 4 troops. I did it. But it’s still write 0/4.
And the worst part for a new player like me is that i spend all my ressources to reach it and i can’t try again.
What can I do?

Which troops did you trait, for which kingdom? Did you unlock all the traits or just the first one? A screenshot showing the traited troops might help them to better understand the issue.

I unlock only the first trait. It’s for Adana troops.
I choose only white and green troops.

I will try to join a screenshot with the PS4 but not sure if i can past it in this forum.

I cannot send screenshot sorry.
Can someone here help me?
Or tell me where i can find help?

Can you tell which troops, specifically, they were?

“White and green” isn’t what determines if a troop is from Adana whether you mean mana colors or rarity. The best thing to do is to use the filter to show ONLY Adana troops. If you look at a troop card, the kingdom it is “from” is under its name. So like, Bombot is an Adana common, and its name looks like:


I think the kingdom task might be asking you to fully traiting 4 troops, so that’s 12 traits in total.

You’re right, you should do it with Common troops (white) or Rare troops (green), as they’re easier to trait than higher rarity.

thanks guys, if thats so its gonna be super hard to reach!
Also all troops on the task are automatically filtered for the kingdom (Adana here) so you cant make mistake by clicking on the task to show you what to upgrade.

I will try that next and tell you the result, since you seems to never had to upgrade traits for power levelling either.

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Go for the common and rare troops, those are fairly easy to trait. Common ones are Bombot, Musketeer and Sentry Bot, rare ones are Alchemist, Clockwork Sphinx and Steam Turret. Pick four of those, buy all three traits.


I just leveled up all trait of one troop and the status is now 1/4
So yeah, you have to unlock ALL traits on 4 troops to complete the task.
Thank you all

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