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Spider swarm bug (?)

Spider swarm dont give me 50 pts in Zhul’kari and also its level dont give me 10 pts each for the kingdom power total. I imagine its a bug no? I mean its a troop like all others with also 3 traits to improve, I dont see any reasons for this unit to be the only one in the game that dont count.
Kingdom power level are hard enough to improve. :slight_smile:

A word from the dev about that would be appreciated.

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The troop use to be a non-troop. They may have added the troop to the game, but not to the Zhul’kari troop table.

I see the bug, too. Strangely, when I got it from the chest, it was not listed as New either.

That makes sense, given the structure of the data.

Spider Swarm not being counted for Kingdom Power is something we’ll probably have to wait until the next update to fix.

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Zhul Kari has 9 troops now but the real 8th one is GIANT SPIDER, the last added. With it, the kingdom can reach five stars.