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Spider swarm...?

Is this a troop by itself now in game?i thought it could only be summoned,but just fought someone who had 4 of them as their defend team…

They were added in 1.0.9 to be a troop now. Zhul’kari has 9 troop and +1 magic now, so an easy x2 magic kingdom.

Oh wow i didnt realise,Thanks!

And by the way, you may want to notice that Dokkalfhar doesn’t summon them anymore.

He summons a Giant Spider.
Then, Giant Spiders summon spider Swarm.

So now, Dokkalfhar is almost a deck on his own ! A very weak one at that…

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If he summons a Giant Spider in first position it could never summon a swarm right? I guess if he summoned a second Spider in second postion then it could summon a swarm. Actually I guess that could get really annoying.

Summons just take the first available slot, not the first slot.

We must go deeper. Spider Swarm should have a chance to spawn Spider Queen. Then, Spider Queen should have a chance to spawn Webspinner.


We need Dokkalfar to summon Webspinner, who summons Spider Queen, who summons Dark Maiden, who summons Night Terror, who summons Giant Spider, who summons Spider Swarm, who summons Dokkalfar upon death. :wink:

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Black Beast is going to weigh a ton after eating all those spiders.

He already does; he ate the Goblin King.