Bug? Enemy Giant Spider summons swarn, nothing happens. Middle slots empty

In a PVP game where the enemy had only two slots used, Giant Spider one of them.
I used Dust Devil’s Dervish, the Giant Spider was in the top slot, the other enemy in the bottom slot.
Giant Spider used Swarm. Gems transform, no enemy appears.
I use Dervish again, let Spider collect mana, it summons Swarm again, this time it appears.

You mean he had only 2 troops from the beginning? There’s a bug (AFAIK reported only last week with the summoning event): if you start the battle with less than 4 troops you still can’t summon anything until one of them dies.
So if there were 2 troops from the beginning, Spider cast and nothing, then you killed the other troop and Spider summoned - it’s probably the same bug. If the second time (when the Swarm appeared) there were still both enemy troops alive - that’s another matter.

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I think so - though to be honest, I can’t really remember :frowning: I should have thought of making screenshots…