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Giant Spider 4 of a kind not working

First of all, i’m sorry i don’t have a screenshot or anything. I’m always too late when it happens.

But the thing is, played 4 matches today.
3 out of 4 matches i lost because my Giant Spider creates a 4 or 5 of a kind wit his/her trait and it does not register as such and the AI takes a turn instead of me having another one.

This has been happening for a week now.
I do not know if this report helps or not…i’m sorry if it doesn’t but i just want to get it out there.


I’m not sure I understand exactly, but lets see if we can figure it out.

The trait (Magic link) gives you +1 mana for every purple match, but it does not supply any sort of “extension” to a 3-match to count as a 4-match and give you an extra turn.

i.e. you still need to get a normal 4-match on the board, to get the extra turn. The Magic link will give you 5 mana instead of 4, that’s all (the same way it will give you 4 mana for a regular 3-match, or 7 mana for a mana surge - ignoring banners for the sake of explanation). If I misunderstood your point, please say so.

also if something in your team using purple was frozen, you’d also not get the extra turn.

Not sure what you ment there but fifth covered both possibilities for you.

i’m sorry i’m not explaining it very well. My Enlgish isn’t very good.

I was not talking about the trait of the Giant Spider but the the spell named Swarm.
(transform a selected mana color to purple and summon a spider)

If i create a 4 of a kind with the spell
(example 3 purple, 1 yellow, 1 purple…i turn the yellow to purple)
it creates a 4 of a kind and should disappear from the board and give me an extra turn. This doesn’t happen and the 4 of a kind stays on the board. The AI team now switches 2 of the 4 purple gems in the 4 0f a kind and gains an extra turn.

I hope this is a better explanation. If not i will try to create some footage.

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I always get trait and spell confused. My bad for the wrong info. :sweat:

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I had a similiar thing happen to me with valkyrie and KoS. The way you explained it seems like the problem of the gems not matching.

Correct! They do not match and stay there. Very frustrating to see it happen. :pouting_cat:

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Similar versions of this bug have been seen, but the developers haven’t been able to track it down yet.

If you get a video of it, upload it for them.

There was some belief that it could have to do with older, slower, mobile devices. However, I don’t think anyone could prove that.

There are some other odd bugs that show up that are similar to this, like Shegrra converting reds on the board to skulls before placing her reds.

The gems not matching correctly on spells like Giant Spiders is a known issue (as Esoxnepa said). It’s not a easy thing for us to try and track down as we are unable to reproduce during our internal testing.

Might i recommend ai vs ai, 4x giant spider teams? If you can modify such a battle, can you mod it so that there are no skulls?

The timing system in this post is probably some of these odd bugs.

No, this one is different. If a troop tries to spawn a troop and it can’t because there are already 4 troops, the turn ends. I seem to recall seeing that mentioned somewhere.

hello everyone, thank you for your responses. It’s nice too know i’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got time too play again and made a screenshot at the moment i made an 5 chain and my turn ended.
You can see in the top right corner…new turn. And there is still a chain on the board.
I hope this helps a bit.


Just out of curiosity, what happens immediately after this? Does the AI make a move and then the matches process? or do the matches process and then the AI moves? or something else?

I haven’t seen this happen myself…

He Stan, i do not know exactly what you mean, but here is what happens.

The 5 chain you see on the screenshot remains. The AI begins his turn and swaps 2 of the purple gems in the 5 chain.
This counts as a chain (because it is :slight_smile: ) and the AI gets an extra turn.

Does this answer the question in any way???

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Yes, that answers perfectly. Thanks!