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Orbweaver summoning Giant Spider

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

The hero to take damage and not summon anything as there were no open slots to put the Giant Spider.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Not sure.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Yes :slight_smile:

Entangled Giant Spider who’s attack has not been reduced. (Dragon vines from Salad)

Beneath the Giant Spider is EK. Spider was summoned on top of his royal self.

Giant Spider looks to be collecting Green, Blue and Brown mana. However the Brown is due to Hero being under the Spider which he summoned on top of himself after taking damage. The first Spider has been dealt with.

Behemoth’s hit all enemies didn’t hit EK nor did the skull that were destroyed.

Victory, but EK and Hero are still very much alive.



  1. all units beside top spider-EK(1slot) were killed, then
  2. hero summoned spider-hero(2slot) in his/2nd slot
  3. top spider-EK(1slot) dies but the spider-hero(2slot) summons spider-hero-EK(1slot) in top slot?
  4. two remaining: both spider-hero-EK(1slot) and spider-hero(2slot) are hit, spider-hero(2slot) is killed but either resummons self or just persists, both troops in the end staying alive and you win

im not sure do i understand it right, this is a :bug: nightmare

Sounds about right. I had no idea what was happening. Made worse by the entangle not working, spells not hitting troops and the wrong mana colours showing on spells.

Seems to be Orbweaver summons a spider even if there’s nowhere for it to go, thus ‘killing’ the troop it covers. But remnants of the bottom troop shine through onto the top spider. So maybe the Entanglement of EK was shown on the spider along with the brown mana from hero also showing on the spider.

what was the original team setup on the enemy side?
was there an EK?
anything more you remmember could possibly help devs

Enemy set up isn’t much relevant. Hero Orb class has those weird bugs that they are aware of. Don’t know how much progress has been made towards fixing it but that’s a known bug for some time now.