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How awesome is Emperor Khorvash?

Hell yeah, khorvash is a stud

All of these are great, but I think the crown, pardon the pun, goes to:

Made me literally… LOL :laughing:

… and yes, I used the word literally correctly… :wink:

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That’s why you put him in third slot :slight_smile:

Behind what? Bunny doesn’t do that much spell damage and if he’s in the 3rd slot, you never get to use his 3rd trait. Not sure I understand putting him 3rd, it essentially becomes a spell-off…

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Bunny deal double damages to knights
And it’s his regular cast (not in his trait) so even if he is stunned he will double damage

Sure, but at my level with my bonuses, it takes 2 casts of Bunni just to get through Khorvash’s armor, let alone start actually hurting him. Khorvash kills at least one, if not both troops in front of Bunny in 2 casts. Maybe at lower or mid levels that’s a matchup but where I’m at Bunny makes a nice plate of haasen pfeffer.

Not if you put carnex in first slot

I’m failing to see what that accomplishes, considering Carnex still takes true damage. Plus even if Carnex remains alive, who is in the 2nd slot? If that troop dies, Khorvash hits Bunny with a full mana drain. You’d have to have 2 impervious troops with REALLY high life (because armor is useless against Khorvash) to even have a chance of utilizing Bunny before Khorvash kills them all.

you can put manticore in second slot and drain korvash before he drain you

While that would work, Carnex + Manticore + Bunny leaves you limited in the mana generation department. Khorvash takes so much of your attention that if he’s paired with something like Crimson Bat and Valkyrie, you’re going to get to drain him MAYBE once before he mows down your team.

What level are you by chance?

manticore mana is really low carnex can feed him 4-5x before krovash get full and i am level 1000

The other issue you run into is that you’ve taken up a slot with Bunny solely to combat Khorvash. He’s useless against anything else.

Are you on console then? Because I’m level 1055 and that wouldn’t be optimal at all on mobile.

ii didin’t said i use that team i’m just saying if you having trouble korvash, bunny is a good alternative

Except he’s not. Have you actually tried it? It doesn’t work as well as you think.

The only consistent counter to Khovash is Khorvash.

yes on console right now im using gorghota plague famine and moloch and korvash is a real joke to kill

Hehe about this alphabet things: I’m Polish in our version of alphabet after Z is Ż and Ź they some similar to Z but sounds are different … and I’m still not EK, just Polish

  • Emperor Khorvash can summon himself into a team where he was not put in and take over other troop’s body soul and mind - if he wishes to.
  • Emperor Khorvash eats famine for breakfast.

  • Emperor Khorvash copied himself into millions of EK’s and forced millions of players to give him a slot.

-Superman wears Emporer Khorvash pajamas

I laughed so hard I spit my coffee out! +1

One of my guild-mates once referred to Khorvash as “Mythic Stupid Knight on Velociraptor”. That’s how we all refer to him now.