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How awesome is Emperor Khorvash?

Emporer Khorvash is so awesome that:

-Superman wears Emporer Khorvash pajamas

-Emporer Khorvash once urinated into an old stove as a joke. We know this stove today as Carnex. He then blackmailed Sparkgrinder into taking the blame for it’s creation.

-The boogeyman checks underneath his bed each night for Emporer Khorvash

-Death once had a near-Emporer Khorvash experience

-Emporer Khorvash can make a 6-gem match

-Emporer Khorvash was once bitten by a sand cobra. After two days of pain and agony, the cobra died.

-Emporer Khorvash’s crown is considered a weapon of mass destruction by the U.S. military.

-If Empowered Gorgotha had a card description, it would read “When Khorvash and Gorgotha got jiggy…”

-Emperor Khorvash has died thousands of times, but the grim reaper hasn’t the courage to tell him.

-It is thought by the developers that if you use Emperor Khorvash against another Emporer Khorvash in battle, the world would end from being unable to contain so much awesome.

Feel free to add your own! Keep it friendly.


Emperor Khorvash can drain 2 full mana Famines.

Behemoth use to exist in Krystara, now only Khorvash.

-that he rides Robert in to battle

Peasant can match 7. Any troop can…

Emperor Khorvash is so awesome, you had to check his name a couple of times in order to write it without mistakes.

Emperor Khorvash CAN believe it’s butter.
Emperor Khorvash stole Thors thunder.
On the seventh day Emperor Khorvash created God.
Emperor Khorvash doesn’t sleep, he waits.
Emperor Khorvash can win a game of hide and seek with his eyes closed.
Emperor Khorvash can make a Happy Meal cry.
Emperor Khorvash knows the letter after Z.
And lastly…only Emperor Khorvash can judge us.

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-Queen Mab fought against Queen Ysabelle for the opportunity to become Emperor Khorvash’s mistress, but the battle seemed boring to Emperor Khorvash so he started to flirt with Abynissia.


Damn that was a story and a half. Though I would have preferred it if EK spread the lot of them!

I don’t own EK, so I can’t speak on how awesome he is. F*K you EK.

Sincerely, HK.

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Queen Mab is the Ice Queen, too cold-hearted for Khorvash. I’ve currently got him in a menage-a-trois with Queen Ysabelle and Lady Anariel… :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont own EK? Only released on console and seems to be dropping frequently. I must have got 8-10 already

Nope on either platform. Feelsbadman.

There’s no need to make up stuff, Emperor Khorvash speaks for himself.

EK costs 50% less Mana than he should
EK completely negates tanking Troops
EK uses Blue Mana, because Valkyrie must always be used


Bunny love korvash

Until bunny gets stunned and drained. #armsrace

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NEAR Khorvash experience? Do you know how many Deaths he has killed in his life? Too many.

  • All the skulls in Gems of War were donated by Emperor Khorvash, from his personal trophy hoard
  • Valkyrie used to convert to red, then Khorvash demanded that he get a mana generator, and it was made so.
  • The Devs originally balanced Khorvash as a mythic troop, but Khorvash told them that he looks better with an orange border.
  • Khorvash’s third trait is unlocked by removing his helmet, and revealing his stunningly good looks to the world.
  • The Great Maw used to have a devour chance on skull damage for its third trait. We all know this. What most don’t know is that the imminent arrival of Khorvash scared the hunger out of the worm.

So awesome that:

When he meets Death, Death takes a holiday.

When he meets Famine, Famine slinks off into a corner and mutters about not being hungry any more.

When he meets War, War sues for peace.

Queen Ysabella takes off her armor.


Hell yeah, khorvash is a stud

All of these are great, but I think the crown, pardon the pun, goes to:

Made me literally… LOL :laughing:

… and yes, I used the word literally correctly… :wink:

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That’s why you put him in third slot :slight_smile: