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11th Zhul'kari troop only adds 10 to Kingdom Power

I now have 11 troops in Zhul’Kari. But in checking the Kingdom Power, my 11 troops only give me 510 points. Is that how it is supposed to be, or is it a glitch?

Yeah that is working as intended.
Sirrian made a post, I think it was him, about it last week.

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Okay, thanks. I guess 10 points is better than none. At least the levels still count.

Afair the levels dont give +10 each when you hit 10x20=200 levels. The 11th troop has this tuned down as well. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Correct, levels beyond 200 are worth 2 each instead of 10.

It is assumed that traits are also reduced from 25 each to 5, following the pattern of 80% reduction. But the odds of having that many traits in a kingdom before hitting 5 stars is minimal.

Shouldnt it be 2.5 per trait? (90% reduction)

No, 80% reduction

Troop is worth 10 instead of 50
Level is worth 2 instead of 10
Trait is worth 5 instead of 25


So to be clear:

  1. Troop reduction comes after 10 troops
  2. Level reduction comes after 200 levels
  3. Trait reduction comes after 30 traits

But the 11th troop adds full level and trait bonuses until those two caps are reached?

That is Correct

Ah ok, I had it in my head they were reduced to 5 and 1. Dont know why, cheers