The hot fix strikes back!

again lower attack and higher magic for all my troops…zhulkari 's spider swarm counting again as a troop…but this time zulkari bonus remained attack, not magic.

If Zhul’Kari is still showing attack, then you wouldn’t have any increased magic.

That said, @Nex and @Mr.Strange are the main devs and are the ones who can tell you if something was leaked again or if it were deliberate.

my goblin for example is gone from 20 att to 18 and his magic power increased from 16 damage to 17. and zulkari kingdom back at 4 stars with spider swarm counting again as a troop

Spider Swarm should count as a troop. That’s been a bug.

Well Zhul’Kari is showing magic right now, not attack.

So now the question is just If it’s another leak or If deliberate plans prepping for the next update.

but is this hot fix deliberate this time?

And the kingdoms are showing their new bonuses too (Zhul’Kari, Grosh-Nak and I forget the 3rd off the top of my head.)

So I guess we’re just wondering if this was an accidental leak like a few days ago or planned change?

That’s an intentional change - we could have done some things to keep it back, but it’s really just bringing us in line with PC/mobile.

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That’s fine, knew it was coming. And even better cause it’s the beginning of more anticipated things to come.

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I’m getting random traitstone rewards in Arena now. Thank you for that!

I’m really sorry it took so long to fix. The issue was that we didn’t realize it was wrong for months! Took like 20 seconds to fix once we were finally made aware of it.

Moral of the story - please bug us when something’s wrong!

I don’t think we realized it was broke in the first place.

Im not really happy about these changes, i had a good team to invade specialy against the boring goblin and now all troop attack are dropped… It doesnt really affect the goblin since They are used for the magic and extra turn… Look like dev got their favorite team

The changes were technically made months ago on the PC side. We’re just catching up to what the kingdoms should have been.

Plus as more magic kingdoms come out, I feel most decks should be stronger than what they were before.

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Don’t worry, (I believe) when next update is released the AI will be getting a major de-buff. Currently in all game modes the AI opponent gets all YOUR Kingdom bonuses in addition to all theirs. When this is corrected your team will be in effect stronger.

PS: Magic bonus are great, don’t underestimate them.

Yup but for the summoner this little change suck, summoned troop was already weak and now they are weaker its making them almost useless since their attack dropped

Summons also will have a buff but that will likely need the full update.

Summoned troops will have all the traits you assigned to the troop and the bonuses your troops had at the start of the match. Just have to wait it out.

Not in PvP, they have the Kingdom Bonuses of their own.

Um, No this information is 100% False. The AI opponent in PvP has the players Kingdom bonus you are battling in addition to your personal Kingdom bonus added to their team as well.

Hopefully this will be bug will be addressed in the forthcoming client update. Perhaps the Devs will be so kind as to release patch noted after submitting it to Microsoft and Sony.

I have all level 10 Kingdoms and many of my PvP opponents’ Troops have lower stats than mine when they are the same rarity and level.

The opponents you face in Quests and Challenges DO have YOUR Kingdom Bonuses though.