5.6.1 Hot-Fix Released

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5.6.1 Hot Fix is releasing to day on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation. We have resolved the following issues in this hot fix: Skulls deal double damage on faster animation speed Banner counter was not including all Kingdoms and Factions owned Switch will receive the 5.6.1 hot fix once it passes submission.


Much appreciated. Does this include the double mana collection by enemy troops as well?


Phew made it!


Was this ever confirmed, or could it just be explained by mana surges? I definitely felt like they were filling faster than normal, but never saw concrete proof.

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That appears to be fixed, too.


Thank you. Much Appreciated. @Saltypatra

Does this update also fix the sudden crashes on iOS Phones? @Saltypatra

Thanks @Nimhain @Saltypatra @Jeto and other devs for the fix and also to have kept us informed through the week or two. Communication was better than before, for sure.


Yes, both issues look to be resolved on Steam. Have not been able to duplicate since the fix.
Thanks for getting this out.

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I just got one crash from Arena, so the answer is no.


@Saltypatra Maybe this wasn’t reported before. There is something odd with the pet number. Just letting you know.


Do you own the steam or android pet if ya own one of them mine is one higher than the max and if you own both it would be 149/147.


I do, but they must be counted too then. Right? For those who didn’t, it could be shown as 147/147. For me, it should show 148/148. For you, it should show 149/149.


Ideally yes but if you don’t own either the steam or android pet you can’t see them in unknown section of the pet area. So its like hidden in game.

Well then, it should be xxx/147 uniformly for all users. :+1:t4:

The team slots count also doesn’t make sense.


Can confirm the double skull damage is not happening in Arena on PS4. I can grind trophies in peace.

…okay, that’s a new issue. One of my Arena wins didn’t count so I had to do all 6. And I have VIP 4 on PS so I should only need 5. I know not a lot of people even play Arena, but can someone who’s at least VIP4 check this?

But guyyyys, you forgot the traditional 50 gems of compensation

Good job getting the fix out :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am VIP 10 and just tried an arena run. I only needed to do five fights like usual. Are you sure you didnt get a free fight?